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Can Beauty Brands Win On Snapchat?

How can beauty brands win on snapchat?

You ask... Well, here at Fanbytes we've come up with 3 reasons on how your beauty brand can win on snapchat.

We’ve seen it countless times, the beauty industry using Snapchat’s sponsored lenses - think Huda Beauty's recent eyeshadow filter which made users look like they’ve just had their faces beat with a full face of glam to promote Huda's new eyeshadow palette. Or L’Oreal Paris sponsoring a filter which makes people's hair look like it's been dyed, promoting their latest hair dye range along with a special snapchat code to unlock the filter after the initial period.


Other brands use geofilters as well as the Snapchat ads feature, which works by interrupting your Snapchat experience with a designed ad. Both of these options are admittedly cheaper than the sponsored lenses, but exactly how much it costs depends on how long and how many people it reaches. You can be sure it ends up in a six figure sum for a large national campaign, the type which top beauty brands can expect to want.

However, with the average cost of a sponsored filter coming in at $500,000 upwards, and the Snapchat ads and geofilters also varying massively, is it really worth it for beauty brands to be investing so much of their budget into these short lived campaigns?

No one can deny the power of Snapchat, particularly in attracting younger audiences. But if you haven’t got a huge budget to play with, then fear not, there are other effective ways to utilise Snapchat to help your brand win.

1. Remember, what matters is engagement, NOT impressions!


Many brands base the success of a campaign on the figures about how many thousands or millions of views their Snapchat campaign, or any social media campaign for that matter, can gain. But what they don't often consider is engagement rates. The young audiences on Snapchat are loyal to the app, but not the ads, and be sure to remember they will skip your intrusive ad quicker than you can say screenshot.

So what can you do instead? Younger Snapchat users in the 13-21 demographic like to hear about brands in an authentic way. Just because they use your lens, doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to buy your products, they may just want to post cute selfies. Instead, younger audiences appreciate it when they are gaining insight into the latest beauty buys and hacks, which can include reviews from their favourite influencers, or exclusive discounts and offers on the latest products through Snapchat's new swipe up feature. This is what makes users actually watch your stuff, as opposed to skipping through.

2. Expensive, high quality ad campaigns don’t always mean high quality results!


We have seen many brands invest in top quality directors, to get that movie-like quality to their ads, think Burberry’s collaboration with Steve McQueen. However, are these methods the most cost efficient or effective ways to promote your brand? Sure, many of these campaigns are works of arts, but they also don’t fit in with the feel of Snapchat.

Snapchat works so well because you get the real, truthful, fun content telling you exactly what's what. Leave cinematic creations for the cinema if you haven't got the money to spare!

3. Go Back to Beauty Basics


The great thing about Beauty brands using Snapchat is that their products can be so visually pleasing anyway. So instead of paying thousands for fancy ads, why don’t you consider pairing up with some relevant Influencers and getting them to talk about your products, promote giveaways and give out exclusive Snap?

But remember, the biggest Influencers - think the likes of Zoella- aren’t necessarily the best for your beauty brand. There are countless people out there, many of them still teenagers themselves, who have amassed thousands of engaged viewers who hang on to their every word. Just because the average person may not have heard of them, you can bet your younger audiences are up to date with all the hottest people. Your greatest tool when creating a fab Snapchat campaign for your younger audiences is understanding what they want from the content.

I hope these insights have opened you up to more innovative and engaging ways that beauty brands - big or small- can use Snapchat to their advantage whilst getting more for their money!

Roisin Keating

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