How Fanbytes Got Millions Feeling Nostalgic With Benny Blanco’s (ft. Juice WRLD) ‘Graduation’

The Client

US based signer-songwriter Benny Blanco teamed up with rapper Juice WRLD to release their new single ‘Graduation’. Looking to really get fans engaged with the song they needed a campaign that would do more than just drive streams or likes on a post.

The Challenge

New music surfaces on TikTok every single day but only a handful succeed in winning the hearts of the users on TikTok, as well as the charts. We knew our biggest challenge would be to differentiate this track from all of the other songs on there at the time and finding a USP in our content to encourage users to leverage this song in their videos. 


The Solution

We knew that relatable content wins on TikTok. So, we got users reminiscing about their school years and sharing their relatable stories. We utilised classic TikTok transitions to show each stage of school, including graduating as the final part of the the phases shown. Using the Fanbytes platform, we identified influencers best suited to targeting males and females in the UK & US aged 13-24. The hashtag #schoolyears was used to tie all the videos together and the sound was uploaded to TikTok for the challenge.

The Results

The results were massive and helped showcase the song to millions of TikTok users. #schoolyears saw 6 million views with almost 1 million hearts. There was also over 81,000 user generated pieces of content showing how popular the challenge and the song was to the TikTok community. The videos from the influences had 15,000 hours of watch time and there was an overall engagement rate of over 20%. Throughout the campaign there was superb growth.

This growth in fact carried on past the end of the campaign seeing an explosion in organic content created using Benny Blanco’s track. The UGC jumped up to over 250,000 as the song was picked up for other videos and used by other influencers on the platform. As a result the popularity of ‘Graduation’ grew, the song experienced 4 months of sustained growth helping to cement it within the TikTok community. 

This campaign has proven that a challenge focused on youth culture and one that is relatable to young people clearly maximises engagement. Furthermore, the fact that influencers could also put their individual spin on this challenge made each piece of content appropriate for their individual audiences. 

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