How We Got Gen Z Hyped About Boohoo On Social Media

The Client

Boohoo are a UK-based fashion powerhouse, aimed at 16-30 year olds. Known as the fastest-growing fashion retailer in the UK, they turned to Fanbytes to showcase their current collections in a way that felt organic and that induced ‘fomo’ in young users on Youtube and TikTok in the UK.

The Challenge

When activating any branded campaign on social media, one of the biggest challenges is to position the videos as organic, and to avoid looking overly branded and soulless. This can be particularly difficult for fashion brands such as Boohoo, so we knew we needed to play to strengths of The Bytesquad of being “quirky, authentic and raw” to support Boohoo in this positioning on social media.Β 

The Solution

Boohoo were keen to activate on Youtube and TikTok so we devised two distinct strategies for each platform:


The squad created 8 videos of themselves wearing Boohoo looks across a 4 week period showcasing the clothing in ways that felt true and organic to their profile and style. The result was everything from dance, pranks, snappy fashion transitions, to incorporating viral TikTok trends. These creatives succeeded not only in inducing FOMO emotions in their audiences but compelled them to engage with the brand.Β 


The disappearing ink prank πŸ–Š#boohooMAN #ad πŸ”₯ @boohooman πŸ”₯

♬ original sound - Jake Sweet


For the Youtube activation, we decided to hone in on Bytesquad’s humour and comedic inclinations. We asked the influencers to swap ‘gender styles’ and asked the male influencers to dress in stereotypical ‘feminine’ clothing and the female influencers in more ‘masculine’ clothing.Β 

The Results



  • Views – 23.7MΒ 
  • Likes – 3.4M
  • Eng. Rate – 21.33%

The campaign performed exceptionally well, achieving millions on views and a high engagement rate due to the content fitting organically within their profiles.

  • Views – 37.6K
  • Likes – 2.2K
  • Clicks – 1.4K

The fans showed their love for this video as indicated in a high watch time and in the comments left in the comments section.Β 

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