Fanbytes x Candy King



Increase In Traffic

What was the challenge?

Confectionary Giant Candy King were looking to raise brand awareness on TikTok in an organic natural way.

What was the plan?

Using our insight into what works on Tiktok, we noted the rise of “.. every day” format where people will repeat the same action for a set number of days which was a fan favourite.

We created 14 days of Candy using Kyran, a talent from our sister talent agency Bytesized with over 2 millions fans on the platform. The activation involved him receiving a mystery box from Candy King recording a new video every day trying one different piece of candy, as voted for in the previous video’s comments.

What was the result?

Within 14 days, the series had led to over 10 million views and over 500k hearts and a 20% increase in traffic to site.