Bringing people together through a viral TikTok challenge

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Who is Luke Combs?

Luke Combs is an American Singer-Songwriter whose single ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ was featured on the Angry Birds 2 soundtrack. Sony Nashville and Sony Pictures Entertainment joined together to drive engagement amongst 13-24 year olds in America for both the single and movie.

What was the plan?

Knowing that comedy and positive affirmation are aspects that work well on TikTok; Sony wanted to create a campaign that would convey the positive messages in the song, whilst also being an engaging challenge that people would want to get involved in. The best way to do this was to create a challenge around the song’s title ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’. Using a mix of comedy and touching content, Sony used influencers who would have a mock fight before making up and showing that it was better to be friends than to argue. This content was both relatable and easily accessible, meaning that a wide group of fans could join in on the challenge. 

To promote the Angry Birds movie, the sound icon on the bottom right of the challenge was the artwork for the film, and the sound was title ‘Let’s Just Be Friends (From The Angry Birds Music)’, giving further exposure for Sony Pictures. The challenge was accompanied by the hashtag #letsjustbefriends which allowed for further reach in the TikTok community. 

What was the result?

The results were fantastic for this campaign. The hashtag saw nearly 1 million views and had a nearly 100,000 engagements on influencers’ material, as well 800,000+ people viewing the influencers’ material alone. 

What was incredible about this campaign was the amount of user generated content. Having 4,000 users upload their version of the challenge showed just how popular the song and campaign was, allowing a huge amount of exposure for Sony Music and Sony Pictures, and of course Luke Combs.