Rising to the Top in the 18+ Online Gambling Market

10 influencers

swipe ups to the app store

CPA Reduction

The Problem?

Tombola, an online gambling site, was looking to drive downloads and deposits for their Tombola Arcade app. Taking advantage of their TV sponsorship of I’m a Celebrity, they were looking to reach a 18+ lifestyle audience who were also viewers of the show. Key to the success of this campaign were people placing first deposits on the platform through an exclusive offer Tombola were promoting.

What was the plan?

We put together the perfect influencer campaign for Tombola that would really appeal to their audience using a mixture of our sandwich ads and organic influencers on Snapchat and Instagram. As the audience they were reaching were I’m A Celeb lovers we activated influencers in the reality show lifestyle niche in the UK with an offer to get £20 extra on a £10 deposit. Testament to the fit of influencers was using people like Sam Gowland from Love Island – another popular reality TV show. Influencers then promoted it organically through their Snapchat channels encouraging people to swipe up and place deposits.

What was the result?

The Tombola campaign made an amazing impact with over 500,000 views which surpassed the initial campaign target of 330,000. From a conversion perspective, the campaign delivered 16,900 swipe ups to the app store with a reduction of 33% on their CPA which was first time deposits. Following this success, Tombola scaled up their initial spend with Fanbytes supporting their entire I’m a Celeb campaign with influencer activations on Snapchat and Instagram.