How Viker Drastically Reduced Their CPI to $0.50 For Their Free Puzzle Game

The Problem

Viker, a UK based mobile game development studio, were looking to to drive downloads for their Free Puzzle Game – BLOXY. They wanted to reach out to a 13-17 year old US audience. Viker had already tried other paid socials like Instagram and Snap ads, but they were struggling to lower their CPIs. Looking for a solution, they approached Fanbytes to develop an advertising strategy that would attract their target demographic while keeping the costs to a minimum.

What did we do?

Understanding that the market for mobile games was extremely crowded, and that a simple ad promoting the game’s features wouldn’t work, we decided to use an outside-the-box solution to help Viker.

We developed an ad that humorously showcased how addictive their game was by using footage of people so engrossed in their phones that they kept walking into obstacles. This allowed us to use our owned and operated Snapchat comedy channels to distribute the ad, and get a lot more traction than if we used an ad promoting the game features or gameplay.

Notable Results

The campaign was a great success in terms of lowering the CPI for Viker and allowing them a sustainable, affordable channel for acquiring new users. 

The relatable situation that was used in the ad, paired with memes and funny clips, made the campaign really appealing to Viker’s target demographic. Over the course of the campaign we were able to give them a sustainable CPI of 50 cents.



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