TikTok vs. Instagram Reels And Triller: What Are The Key Differences?

TikTok vs. Reels Triller

Fanbytes have helped… In this article: • The TikTok ban • TikTok vs. Instagram Reels • TikTok vs. Triller • Who wins? Is TikTok unbeatable? The TikTok ban You get a ban! We all get a ban! On August 5th, Donald Trump announced he would take steps to ban TikTok in the US, unless US […]

Ultimate TikTok Brand Leaderboard: The Top 10 Best Brands On TikTok

Fanbytes have helped… In this article: 1. Nickelodeon 2. ESPN 3. Netflix 4. MTV 5. NBA 6. NFL 7. Red Bull 8. WWE 9. Toysish 10. WHO Who are the top 10 best brands on TikTok leading the way? TikTok has made its way from being seen as a cringy, uncool teenage app to a […]

TikTok Ad Formats: Everything You Need To Know

Fanbytes have helped… In this article: 1. In-feed video ads 2. Hashtag challenges 3. Custom influencers 4. Brand takeovers 5. Top views 6. Branded lenses 7. Which TikTok ad format is right for my brand? Want to advertise on TikTok? We got you. TikTok is still an unfamiliar landscape for marketers. In this article, we […]

Marketing to College Students in 2020: 5 Secrets You Should Know

Looking to bolster relevance with college students?We got just the thing. In this article: 1. Meet students where they are online 2. Position yourself as the solution to a problem 3. Partner with relatable voices when marketing to college students 4. Join the conversation by staying culturally relevant 5. Use interactive elements and encourage participation […]

5 Music Marketing Secrets in 2020: The Things They Don’t Tell You

Do you want to be the next ‘Old Town Road’ overnight sensation? Then listen up. Music marketing today has its challenges. But TikTok, a platform centred around the creative use of sound, might be the best secret to music marketing success. So, how can you turn your song into a viral hit? We have worked […]

The Ultimate Guide: How to Use TikTok For Business In 2020

Wondering how to use TikTok for business? We got you. If you’re wondering how to use TikTok for business in 2020, know that it’s completely unique from other platforms and we know this can be intimidating for first-time users. But it’s also an exciting opportunity to reach new audiences and master a unique platform before […]

The Definitive Guide To Brands Advertising On TikTok

Keen to gain inspiration from brands advertising on TikTok? Check this out. Brands are increasingly starting to recognise the value of having a presence on TikTok. Whilst it had previously been used as a mere music discovery tool, entertainment, fashion, food, politics and even big publications are flocking to Gen Z’s favourite app to benefit from its […]

What Brands Targeting Gen Z Can Learn From ACCA’s Approach

There’s no doubt about it, Gen Z are a hot topic. They are frequently the subject of conversation and debate but the biggest questions on marketers lips still seems to be: What do they like and how can I encourage them to connect with my brand?  Brands such as Netflix, Google & Youtube have done […]

Music Influencer Marketing: 3 Hacks To Go Viral On Social Media

Do you want your music to be sung by the whole world? Here’s how. With consumer behaviour constantly changing, music marketers have to work extra hard to keep up with upcoming trends and platforms to engage their target demographic. If only there was a way to reach their audience via a party that has already […]

Social Media Marketing For Retail Brands

Are you a retail brand looking to create explosive results on social media? Let’s dig right in. Gen Z consumers are digital natives and are extremely conscious of marketers shrewd marketing tactics. Consequently, it’s important for retail brands marketing strategies to adapt to these changes in behaviour.  This is why it is more important now […]