TikTok Brand Leaderboard August 2020: The Top 10 Best Brands On TikTok

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Who has made it onto our top 10 list for August?

Using our in house TikTok analytics tool, Bytesights, we’ve been able to dig a little deeper and discover the metrics of brands on the platform that really make a difference to their overall performance. In determining their engagement rates and followings we were able to score brands out of 100 to make our brand leadership board of our top 10 best brands on TikTok. 

Here’s who you should really be taking notes from this month.

The cruelty-free handmade cosmetics brand, Lush, is popular all over the UK for their colourful and innovative aesthetic as well as their cruelty-free products. But it’s Lush’s Coventry branch that has won over Gen Z hearts on TikTok. 

How? By knowing the platform inside out. Lush Coventry have tapped into the ASMR and visual aesthetics niche which is so popular on TikTok, like in their soap-cutting video. They create consistent content to feed their fans the ‘satisfying’ factor and regularly communicate with fans to build up engagement. 

Whilst  Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ was trending on TikTok, Lush Coventry created a ‘did a full 180’ video to the song. They re-created a situation where a customer left the store but did a ‘full 180’ because a shop assistant promised them a bath bomb demonstration. The use of sound in this example demonstrates their understanding of current trends and user behaviour as well as entertaining first and promoting the brand second. 


When you’re leaving Lush but then hear they’re putting a bath bomb in the demo bowl 🤪 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##full180 ##lush

♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

From puppy madness to exotic monkeys, TikTok is animal obsessed and Marine Mammal Rescue recognises this. Their feed is full of wide-eye seals and tantalizingly cute otters. In order to cut through the other cute animal videos on users’ feeds, Marine Mammal Rescue always introduce users to the animals that are brought into the sanctuary, such as Yuki. The brand then posts video updates on Yuki’s development, keeping users invested in the animals and therefore, the channel.

Marine Mammal Rescue do not shy away from behind the scenes content, something which is extremely popular on TikTok. Here users are revealed to how workers handle new animals at the sanctuary. This sort of exposure helps to build a level of trust between brands and users on TikTok, meaning they are more likely to invest in your channel and your products off the platform.

In July, Boohoo capitalised on their press attention by appealing to their already strong Gen Z fanbase who notoriously buy into influencer recommendations. On TikTok, Boohoo have taken some of the platform’s biggest influencers, including Kelianne Stankus, to promote Boohoo’s clothes using videos native to TikTok, gaining the trust of Gen Z hearts once again.

Boohoo created their #ItsfromBoohoo challenge to encourage TikTok users to join in and choreograph their own dance mouthing along to their custom made song, ‘It’s from Boohoo Baby.’ Creating custom made sounds and accentuating the song’s lyrics through dance plays into everything that TikTok is about. This campaign has completely won over Gen Z hearts and brings Boohoo back into the TikTok game.


Okay this is our FAVORITE ✨##itsfromboohoo ✨ video 😂😂👆Drop a 💖 if you think @grandadjoe1933 & @brookepaintain killed it 🙌🙌

♬ itsfromboohoo - boohoo

San Diego Zoo fits seamlessly into TikTok’s animal video niche. To show off their zoo, the brand frequently uses TikTok’s trending sounds, such as showing off their rare secretary bird with Todrick Hall ‘Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels’ track. Not only has San Diego Zoo drawn in users by fitting the song’s lyrics in with the bird’s long legs, but further emphasised this in the caption. Users often engage with factual videos on TikTok so that they come away from time spent on the app with new knowledge. 


The snake-stomping, eyelash-having secretary bird. Known for the longest legs of any raptor species. ##sdzsafaripark ##strut

♬ original sound - rover_thecat

MTV have not only managed to stay on the TikTok leaderboard this month, but their engagement rate has also increased from 21.3% to 23.5%. This might have something to do with the content that MTV pushed out for the VMAs that took place on 31 August. In the lead up to these awards, MTV produced videos of high profile celebrities at previous award ceremonies but edited them in a TikTok style. This appealed to their followers that crave this celebrity content and also fitted in perfectly with TikTok’s rough editing style.

MTV encouraged commenting and sharing with this video of Gigi Hadid and Halsey at a previous VMAs ceremony. With no sound but a caption reading ‘What are @babybella777 + @halsey talking about?’ MTV promoted conversation and discourse around the video. Will MTV continue to smash TikTok next month we wonder…?


What are @babybella777 + @halsey talking about? Wrong answers only. ##VMAs

♬ original sound - mtv

The US Mexican grill chain, Chipotle, is known for its delicious food, but now it is also known for its TikTok success. With 1.2M dedicated followers, Chipotle uses an unbeatable combination of comedy, hacks and recipes. Chipotle often share humorous videos, including two videos where the brand got users to film their favourite boomers trying to pronounce ‘chipotle’ correctly. Chipotle created a montage of these and drip fed them on their channel in two parts, racking up 2.3M hearts on the first part and 3.2M hearts on the second.


Pt.2 y’all are comedy @jebdal @russellodor @alyssa.pustilnik @biblepainter @lilli.spada @alexa_gargano ##chipotle ##fyp

♬ original sound - chipotle

Since launching in 2017, Rihanna’s cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, has made a name for itself on TikTok. By creating fun and inspiring tutorials and videos featuring the make-up brand, Fenty has honed in on their niche and regularly appeals to all the beauty fanatics on the platform.

Something that is extremely important for brands on TikTok is to remain authentic and Fenty does this by constantly channelling all-round inclusivity. This can be seen in the diversity of users featured in their videos, including Neko Chann, Makalya and Kamaboko Gonpachiro (introduced here) who are also three of those that were asked to go into the Fenty TikTok house. These beauty influencers are known for their product promotion, such as this new body lava video, ‘how to’ videos and tutorial trends.


Body lava 😍 my head is shining right now @fentybeauty ##fentybeautyhouse ##fentybeautyad

♬ vibe for this year - josephiv_

Despite dropping 8% in their engagement this month, Nickelodeon still remains in the top 10 best brands on TikTok. A video posted by Nickelodeon that did especially well this month was their ‘how to create a good burger’ video. The content begins with a short snippet of the All Time show’s Ed working at the Good Burger restaurant which then segues into a burger recipe demonstration using an original sound. Tapping into trends like ‘how to’ recipe videos and using original sounds, puts Nickelodeon right in the running for TikTok’s best brands this month.

Online clothing company Shein aren’t just about outfit transitions on TikTok, they do it all. They utilise TikTok influencers such as Addison Rae to jump onto trending sounds or reposted popular user videos such as this to show off elements of their stock that users might not know about. This makeup blender dryer is something that most TikTok users would not know that Shein sell and helps to create intrigue around the brand. Combining that with the trending sound and the video was a hit. Shein keep things fresh with no two days ever being the same content. 

Gymshark is known for its perfect fitting and comfortable men’s and women’s gym clothing. Not only does Gymshark show off their clothing by tapping into the TikTok workout-sharing craze, such as this video from Elika Bang, but they also use sounds to directly draw the user’s attention to the clothing. 

Take this video from the Rybka Twins who start the video unfolding their workout wear, including pulling up the top of their leggings which all Gymshark customers will be able to relate to. This accentuation of the products is enforced by the countdown sound to emphasise the movements of the video. This draws in the user by encouraging them to watch until the end to see what happens, increasing the watchtime and the distribution of the video. 


Getting ready for the new week like 💃@rybkatwinsofficial ##gymshark ##countdown ##makinganentrance

♬ CountDown - T.M.T

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We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the best brands on TikTok. 

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