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We Make Brands Go Viral Through Mobile Video

“The millennials redefining how brands market to millennials” Forbes.com

Our Brands

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What do we provide?

Content Creation

Dedicate content created just for you, conveying the perfect image for your brand.


We help you track your key metrics including CPC, CPI and more.

Location Targetting

We help you target your influencer marketing campaigns through location, gender and age.

Awesome Creators

Our dedicated list of creators are handpicked to create awesome campaigns.

Complete Management

We will take complete control of your campaign to ensure the best results.

Top Results

We consistantly deliver top results using perfomance based metrics.

How Fanbytes works

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We AB test our messaging and using data, optimise for the creatives that drive the best results and audience.

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We create compelling content and narratives utilising our curated influencer network on Snapchat and Youtube.

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Once we know what works, we scale up your message through the most engaged video influencers on the planet

What they say about us

“We've used Fanbytes for a number of app install campaigns. As a direct result of this we received thousands of app downloads, but more importantly - engaged and retained users”

Rich Woolley
“Fanbytes delivered exactly what was promised, volume of downloads, engaged YouTube influencers and an excellent CPA.”

“Excellent results all round. The tech behind the platform is pretty impressive, making an otherwise complex thing really simple.”

Jack Wilcock
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