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"Not only do Fanbytes understand Snapchat inside out but also have a strong distribution network to maximise engagement and ROI on your content."

- Global Head of Social Media, Deezer


About Us

Fanbytes is what happens when a group of young geeks start an advertising company for Generation Z.

With an average age of 21, we're a team of computer scientists and designers who understand that marketing to Generation Z requires a new set of rules and formats. We built Fanbytes to advertise in the way it should be done - through an enjoyable and engaging experience which adds value and gets people excited.

What the press say about fanbytes

“They are worth every penny.”

“Nobody understands Snapchat like these guys.”

“The Millennials redefining how brands market to millennials”

“Fanbytes own the mind of Generation Z.”

How we work

We help your brand get seen and engaged with on Snapchat, using our 3 step process.
1. Content

Our design network of videographers and designers create Snapchat optimised mobile ads around your brand.

2. Distribution

The Mobile Ads are then distributed through our signature Sandwich Ad format with influencers top and tailing the content.

3. Technology

Gain deep insights into engagement, views, clicks and manage and optimise your campaign.

Our sandwich ad format

1. Pre-roll

Introduce the brand in an engaging way.

2. Ad

Branded video ad then plays - you get to approve this content before it plays.

3. Post-roll

Show your reaction to having seen the ad, directing people to check out the Snapcode.

4. Snapcode

Custom Snapcode takes people to the website or app being promoted.

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