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About Us

Fanbytes is what happens when a group of young geeks start an advertising company for Generation Z.

With an average age of 21, we're a team of computer scientists and designers who understand that marketing to Generation Z requires a new set of rules and formats. We built Fanbytes to advertise in the way it should be done - through an enjoyable and engaging experience which adds value and gets people excited.

What the press say about fanbytes

“They are worth every penny.”

“Nobody understands Snapchat like these guys.”

“The Millennials redefining how brands market to millennials”

“Fanbytes own the mind of Generation Z.”

How we work

Generation Z skip Snap Ads because they're disruptive. We help your brand get seen and engaged with on Snapchat.
1. Content

Our network of curated video makers and designers create branded content which resonates with Generation Z.

2. Distribution

We get your content in front of the right audience, whether it be through influencers or through our global media audiences.

3. Technology

Use our world class technology to measure and optimise campaigns through data including views, screenshots and click through rates.

Fanbytes in numbers


completion rates on our branded content.


people between 13-21 in our network.


cans of Red Bull drank building our world class analytics platform.

How we help brands

Fanbytes Advertising Network

Premium influencer network distributing branded content to millions of engaged 13-21 year olds.

Fanbytes Media

High quality 'TV style' content communicating your brand in a language and tone Snapchat users engage with.

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