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"Not only does Fanbytes makes it very easy for you to advertise on Snapchat, they also got us the cheapest CPI we have seen across any ad network! In-App Purchase conversions are also on par with what we’ve seen through traditional ad networks such as Facebook Ads and Apple Search Ads."

Jonas Johnsson

Founder & Creative Director, Dragon Games Studios

"The way that Fanbytes presents content is totally different from the way that a music marketer would do it. Music marketers want to make everything really obvious, they would want to put the artist’s face front and center, and make sure the logo and the song and all of that is in there."

Mark Butler

Digital Marketing, Good Soldier

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We create mobile-optimised videos and experiences that convert



Story ads allow you to drive conversions at scale, and get millions of views without the hefty price tag.

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Influencers provide the organic, engaging way to advertise on the planet – if you know what you're doing.

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Keep your brand on the cutting edge with immersive VR environments.

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