Cracking The Gen Z Code: How We Made Accounting Great Again


Turning this: “dull, boring, elitist and exclusive”

To this: “exciting, impactful, and relevant”

ACCA requested the help of Fanbytes to achieve the following:

1. Maximise brand awareness

2. Drive engaged traffic to their landing page 

3. Change perceptions of accountancy from boring to fun

Karen Smith is the head of UK marketing for ACCA, a leading international accounting body, responsible for providing the largest and fastest-growing qualification in the world to soon-to-be accountants. Having such a vital role in the promotion of the brand, she was no stranger to traditional marketing practises. However, to confidently deliver a disruptive brand activation that bolsters relevance with Gen Z she knew that she needed to create content that transcends traditional ad messages. It was Fanbytes’ Gen Z expertise and innovative campaign activations that really made them stand out from the crowd and compelled her to work with the award-winning agency. 

What a lot of accountancy firms struggle with is finding the best ways to tell their story in an authentic way, at scale. Using more contemporary marketing practises was a new experience for ACCA and so the idea of leveraging influencers, Snapchat and TikTok to promote the brand was daunting. However, Karen was aware that she had to utilise Gen Z marketing strategies like these to strike a cord with the younger demographic if they were going to change perceptions and inspire. 

Within less than a week, Karen saw a high level of engagement on the TikTok activity, achieving over 303,800 views – against a target of 100,000, with 109,800 likes and over 723 positive comments. With such a high level of organic engagement between the influencers and their fans, ACCA were able to insert themselves into their world and became a part of their conversation.

This was just the beginning…

How ACCA Used Fanbytes to Maximise Brand Awareness & Change Perceptions

Karen was worried about exploring new platforms to promote the brand because with every new platform, it can be difficult to understand what is going to work and how to drive valuable results. 

But this is where Fanbytes came in. 

Having run hundreds of social media campaigns with everyone from Universal, Missguided, and Mcdonalds to unorthodox organisations such as Public Health England, Fanbytes has effectively cracked the code of how any brand can win the hearts of Gen Z on social media. 

Here was their plan of attack for ACCA.

1. TikTok Influencers

As tech-savvy digital natives, Gen Z process and react to things in an entirely different way to other generations. Whilst older generations may not be as experienced to see through shrewd marketing ploys, Gen Z demand innovation and validity. Seeing as Gen Z are more likely to trust an influencers opinion over a celebrity endorsement, Fanbytes chose to get their TikTok influencers involved. 

Cue Sherice – one of Fanbytes’ managed TikTok talent. She had the job of creating killer organic content that would help to abolish the stereotype that accountants are boring so that we could get the next ACCA generation engaged with the brand. Safe to say, she smashed it and the results were astounding.

“Sherice has a reputation as a super high energy TikTokker with over 580,000 followers. It was a bit like meeting a TV personality, despite having never met before, we felt like we knew her already. It was easy to see why she attracts such a following.” – Karen Smith


182K Hearts



2. Snapchat Activation

If Snapchat is anything, it’s personal. And with Gen Z being huge fans of personalisation, the platform serves a unique purpose to its users compared to other social media apps. What’s more, with 90% of 13-24 year olds using the platform, Snapchat influencer content functioned as the perfect way for Karen to push content to an audience that was already warmed up. 

Fanbytes felt it was important to take advantage of Snapchat’s marketing power and invite their influencers to talk about the ACCA qualifications using Snapchat stories. Karen and Fanbytes saw a large amount of organic engagement between the influencers and their fans which helped ACCA became a part of their conversation. 


6K Clicks

2.68% CTR

3. AR Lens

Gen Z were raised in the age of technological advancement. Consequently, they engage with content that is quick and exciting. The average Gen Z attention span for an ad is around 8 seconds and 62% of them engage with brands that they find “fun or cool”. 

With this in mind, Fanbytes knew that using AR in the form of Snapchat lens’ would create a fun, interactive, and authentic experience for them. The lens that was created allowed the user to switch between two filters; one representative of a stereotypical boring accountant and the other, a reflection of the ‘broken down stereotype digitally-savvy’ accountant.



3.84% CTR


The Results Are In...

Here's a round-up of the results ACCA achieved from activating campaigns with Fanbytes. Karen was pleased that ACCA had effectively:

1. Maximised brand awareness and engagement by receiving an average of 3.26% CTR.
2. Driven engaged traffic to their landing page.
3. Gained Gen Z’s approval and changed perceptions by receiving hundreds of positive comments on the TikTok campaign.
4. Expanded reach by receiving millions of views on social media. 

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