Why Brands Should Be Investing In Augmented Reality Marketing Now

With brands constantly looking for new ways to attract their customer base, AR marketing is today’s answer. Augmented reality marketing techniques have been proven to peak consumers innovation and interest, provide better customer experience, and allow for a new level of interactivity. Here’s how big brands have achieved great results, and why you should do the same. 

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Snapchat users use AR lenses daily

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What is Augmented Reality Marketing?

Augmented reality marketing is an action used by marketers and brands that involves using real-life enhancing technology to supply prospective clients with an authentic and more real perception of the product or service they provide. 

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

Augmented reality works by implementing a technology that uses a real life setting and then placing 3D simulated objects on top of it. This layering is completed at the same time as the data collected from a camera or a device such as a snapchat filter lense. 

Why Is Augmented Reality Marketing Important For Brands?

As marketers, your goal is to successfully promote your product or service to your target demographic by using techniques that will allow them to get a rough idea or feel for it. But can you imagine giving consumers the ability to actually experience your product or service through merely a screen?


Augmented reality marketing takes virtual marketing to new heights. Consumers can now enjoy an interactive and engaging experience all whilst getting up close and personal with your brand. Let’s take a look into other reasons why augmented reality advertising is so important for your brand.


The interactivity of augmented reality advertising is a key reason why it has blown up in recent times. With the rise of smart technology affecting our attention spans, the consumers need to be entertained is relevant more now than ever before. AR technology is the solution to this. The technology is engaging and different, so consumers are interested and excited to try something new.

An example of this comes from an AR lens we created for Plato, a mobile gaming app. Their goal was to create a unique experience for users and to engage a 13-17 year old audience. We immediately knew that a snapchat AR lens would work perfectly for this so we created two different lenses to promote their new game ‘Werewolf’. These lenses did even better than expected as they both made it to number 1 on the Snapchat Lens Creator charts and generated 5.5m views, 350k scans of the lenses, and 160k shares altogether.

Augmented reality also solves another big problem – personalisation. Brands are still relying on basic forms of personalisation and therefore, are failing to engage them. It has been said that over 55% of consumers go the shop before they invest in a product, and AR technology bridges the gap between the experience and the product. By making the consumers’ journey to purchasing a product or service less stressful, less effort, and more instant, consumers are going to need less convincing.

Unlike watching an ad on TV, AR allows the user to become an active participant in the overall digital experience. Because of this, Augmented reality has impressive story-telling ability and its engagement evokes a more enthusiastic and emotional response from the consumer.

Check out some examples of our AR marketing campaigns below.

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There’s more where this came from. To find out more about how to incorporate augmented reality into your marketing plan, contact us today. 

The Best Way To Implement AR Into Your Marketing Strategy

Augmented reality ads are exciting and all, but if you don’t know the best ways to implement it into your marketing strategy, it can be a risky move. That’s why it’s so important to go through a company that has had previous experience in executing AR campaigns before so that you can ensure that it will be done properly and will demonstrate only the best of your brand. We have identified some of the best ways to use AR below. 


Using Snapchat AR lenses is one of the main reasons as to why augmented reality has become more mainstream. Because of this, building lenses through snapchat means that the price tag is usually quite hefty. 

At Fanbytes we use our community of AR creators to develop lenses ourselves. Previous artists such as Rita Ora and Bruno Mars have even used our lenses to promote new song releases and have generated 10,000,000s of views.



Atlantic Records were keen to create a buzz around Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane, and Kodak Black’s new single ‘Wake Up In The Sky’. From executing hundreds of Snapchat AR campaigns, we knew that creating AR lenses would be the best way to achieve this. Our team of talented AR creators were then tasked to create the perfect lens which activated when being aimed at the sky. 

Once the lens was unlocked, it would play the song in the background and demonstrated the artists of the song dancing to it.

That’s not all – we also take care of the distribution. Using our owned and operated Snapchat channels which entertain over a million daily viewers, we created a promo that would demonstrate the lens with a CTA that would encourage users to ‘swipe up’ to try it out themselves. 

The results were impressive as we gained 2.4m views, over 34k scans, and 23k shares. We were also able to hit Atlantic’s target demographic gaining 80% of views from that cohort, thanks to our highly targeted distribution. 

How Fanbytes Can Help You

At Fanbytes, we aim to exceed expectations and have been recognised by Forbes as leaders in the industry. Not only do we develop great AR lenses for you, but our talented team of creative strategists and creators take pride in coming up with great ideas, developing them, and distributing the lenses using our talented team of influencers. Want in on our creative process? Check it out below.

Our award winning platform is the reason we are able to do what we do. We want to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible for you so all you have to do is contact us to create your brief. We will be able to chat about your brand goals, your target demographic and what your overall aspirations are for your campaign. 

We don’t just specialise in AR lenses. We also have plenty of experience in Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram. So, at this point, we can discuss what formats might work best for your campaign and why to make sure we have exhausted all of our options. 

Now that you have created your brief and decided on your ad format, we will be able to select what influencers would work best for your campaign with our top of the range analytics so that we can distribute your lens. Our dashboard is extensive – you will be able to discover influencers best performing videos, as well as their previous branded content.

Now that we have dealt with all of the nitty gritty, we can get the ball rolling! And don’t worry – it won’t be all tumbleweeds from us after it has gone live, you will be able to track everything from audience views, completion rates, and even screenshots.

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