How to go VIRAL with Snapchat AR Lenses

Making a Snapchat Lens go Viral

How to go VIRAL with Snapchat AR Lenses What’s the best way to go viral on Snapchat? When we sat down with Founder of Objectspace, Tom Martin-Davies and challenged ourselves and see if we can make one of his lenses go viral on Snapchat.    Check out the video below! Let’s Talk To find out how […]

Why Brands Need To Think More About Emotional Engagement

This year, I had the privilege to attend the first Forward 2020 edition in Birmingham, to speak to a room full of hundreds of BA (Hons) Digital Media and MA/MSc Future Media students about the challenges of creating successful marketing campaigns, and the creative process that goes behind them, as well as my predictions and […]

Treat Social Like TV

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Why The Best Brands Are Those That Don’t Sell You Anything

Dear brands, I know your goal in life is to make money, but could you please try being less obvious about it?   Sincerely, A consumer tired of disruptive ads   It’s a jungle out there. Everybody wants to make money, everybody tries to get your attention, everybody throws their products at you, assuming that […]


9-9-9, what is your emergency Facebook… is dead! I’m sorry, we can’t help you with that. You might think I am exaggerating with this, but just ask the Canterbury Police about it. Indeed, people have been calling the police, hopeful that they could find an answer to Facebook’s outage which started yesterday afternoon. It’s become […]

Explained: What is TikTok?

In brief: TikTok is a media platform which allows users to upload short form videos ranging from 2 second to 2 minutes, usually accompanied with a soundtrack that can be overlaid using TikTok’s inbuilt sound library. Key Facts 800million Lifetime Installs Surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in terms of downloads Global user base: Particularly […]

Hit or Miss: Why Music Marketers Need to Take on TikTok

The exponential rate in which TikTok has grown makes it clear that is something that definitely needs to acknowledged. The app is reported to have exceed 800million lifetime installs, and exceeded Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in terms of downloads in October 2018. TikTok allows users to upload short-form videos ranging from 2 seconds to […]