What Does Your Favourite Social Media App Say About You?

There are currently over 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. And with an average 3 hours spent by users on social media every day, I know which platform takes the majority of my screen time. We don’t always like to admit it but we have all been guilty, once in a while, of spending a […]

Brand Partnerships Executive

About Fanbytes: Fanbytes is an influencer marketing agency that helps brands like Apple Music, Deliveroo and even the UK Government reach Gen Z through influencers on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.  With an average age of 23, we’ve rapidly grown the company to be named as one of the most influential companies in advertising by “The […]

UX Designer

About Fanbytes: Fanbytes is on a mission to help world leading brands to win the hearts of Gen Z through the most creative way possible across the social web. Started in January 2017, our growing team of 25+ millennials have guided brands such as Sony, Disney and Apple to understand how best to engage with […]

5 Critical Warning Signs You’re Advertising To Gen Z Wrong

Fanbytes have helped… Are you advertising to Gen Z? You’ll want to see this. Like every generation, Gen Z comes with their own individual set of needs, desires, and characteristics. Unfortunately, it just so happens that Gen Z are the most ambiguous generation to date. You may think you understand them, but you probably don’t […]

Top 3 Best Brands On Social Media 2019: Who Is Killing It?

Fanbytes have helped… So, you want to win on social media? Then listen up. We know how hard it can be to keep up with every brand pioneering on social media and how easy it is to miss something. Fortunately, we’ve always got our eyes peeled so that we never have to miss a beat. […]

Marketing and Sales Intern

About Fanbytes: Fanbytes is on a mission to help world leading brands to win the hearts of Gen Z through the most creative influencer campaigns on social media. Started in January 2017, our growing team of 30+ millennials and Gen Z have helped brands such as Apple, McDonalds and even the UK Government  to reach […]

4 Things Brands Need To Know About TikTok Social Media Marketing

TikTok has well and truly exploded. Now being used as a marketing tool by big brands such as Mcdonalds, Missguided, and Warner to reach an engaged Gen Z demographic, it’s safe to say that your competitors are going to start to catch wind,…and quickly. Before it becomes oversaturated, why not get in early and take […]

What Brands Targeting Gen Z Can Learn From ACCA’s Approach

There’s no doubt about it, Gen Z are a hot topic. They are frequently the subject of conversation and debate but the biggest questions on marketers lips still seems to be: What do they like and how can I encourage them to connect with my brand?  Brands such as Netflix, Google & Youtube have done […]