Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns: Tips to Win Gen Z

After your best Black Friday marketing campaign yet? The key is understanding Gen Z - which, luckily, we do. Here’s the best ideas + why they work.
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In 30 seconds:

  • After the best Black Friday marketing campaign? No wonder. 58% of Gen Z rely heavily on Black Friday for their holiday season buying. So your brand needs an attention-grabbing strategy to win them over.
  • Last year, online shopping increased by 22% to record an amount of $9 billion. That number should continue growing. Digital is the way to go  – but how?
  • Influencer marketing is a brilliant way to push Black Friday deals. We’ll take you through the top 3  best ideas for influencer-led Black Friday promotions.

A chill is in the air. The holiday season is almost upon us. And what does that mean? Black Friday is around the corner, beckoning for your brand to take advantage with your best Black Friday Marketing campaign. 

The question is, how can you grip your potential customers and stand out from the crowd? And how do you tap into the hearts of Gen Z during this time? We’re talking you through the best Black Friday marketing campaigns that use creative ideas, forward-thinking promotions and intelligent strategies to get you pumped up and ready to go all the way through Cyber Monday and beyond.

What is Black Friday?

Well, it’s commonly known as the Friday after Thanksgiving, but there are a few niggling questions that most people want answering: 

  1. When is Black Friday this year? 
    In 2021 Black Friday will be on 26th November.
  2. What is it known for? 
    Black Friday’s function is to smash down prices and offer great sales to customers in preparation for Christmas. Its name, however, comes from a slightly darker source. 
  3. Where does the name Black Friday come from?
    In the 1960s, Police Officers in Philadelphia used to refer to the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday” due to the overcrowding, shoplifting and general issues it caused them. This name stuck. Soon businesses were jumping at the opportunity to add incentives for the crowds, which became a national phenomenon in the USA.

The UK has seen this tradition trend here too, with brands finding clever ways to win over customers before Christmas. Black Friday marketing campaigns are here to stay, and we want you to make the most of them. 


Why do you need a Black Friday marketing campaign?

In 2019, 93.2 million people made a purchase online on Black Friday. That is a gargantuan pool of potential customers that your brand could be engaging with. There is some bad news, though: spending across the UK expects to drop by £1.2 billion this year. The result? More competition for Black Friday marketing campaigns. 

So, you need a Black Friday creative campaign that works with your themes and shows you off in all your individual glory. With 97% of Gen Z shoppers using social media as inspiration for purchases, you need to be boosting your brand over TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat – and converting digital experiences into sales. 

Knowing where to promote is one thing. How to promote is another. Having a campaign that’s bright, bold and breaking tradition is no mean feat. But it’s ok; we’ve collected the best ideas to help you. 

The best Black Friday marketing campaigns:

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | NastyGal

Sign-up deals

Expanding your reach

This year, search engine interest in the term “Black Friday” had already started 12 weeks before the date. So it’s more vital than ever to get your loyal customers ready and your new prospects waiting for your deals. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get new email sign-ups. All you need to do is offer exclusive access to those who register and keep them in the know. 

Gen Z-adored fashion retailer Nasty Gal has done a fabulous job of creating intrigue and making it clear to readers that they want to keep them informed.

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | Game


Ready, set… sell.

What better way to get people ready for your deals than to make them feel a sense of urgency? According to a recent study, adding a countdown timer to incentives increases revenue by 9%. It hypes up the sale itself and adds curiosity, allowing more traction before the big day. 

Gen Zers prefer technology that empowers them and adds direct value. Adding a countdown to your Black Friday sale helps them plan ahead of the Black Friday sales rush.

In their newsletter, Game used this method to add excitement to their campaign, and their messaging is clear and pressing. Think bold and create a countdown that people will remember.

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | Dell

Hourly deals

Tick tock...

Another great option is to add hourly deals. Schedule different sale items or discounts throughout the day and make sure it varies. Like a flash sale, your customers will be motivated to buy because they won’t want to miss out. 

We know that Gen Z value uniqueness in their purchases, so adding changeability and varied reward in your Black Friday sale will help them feel that they’ve grabbed a bargain that few of their peers have.

The other result? People will come back for more. You can double up on trading with daily incentives too. Make sure to upload a homepage banner with a schedule of your deals and utilise social media to promote throughout Black Friday. 

Dell does it well here with “Hourly Doorbusters”, pushing individual items and combining them with their main sale.

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | Le Shop

Ask your customers’ preferences

This or that?

Asking your customers what product they want to see on sale is a fantastic way to get them ready for Black Friday. Le Shop did this brilliantly with a poll battle on two of their products. It got customers engaged and prepared for their deals.

An easy way brands can replicate this Black Friday marketing campaign on social media is through Instagram stories, via the ‘Poll’ feature. Using an image split down the middle, you can ask your followers to vote which side they prefer. This is called a “this or that” Story.

The benefit? This kind of ephemeral marketing is incredibly popular amongst millennials and Gen Z, driving high engagement rates. It also harnesses the power of confirmation bias, as you can announce sales and discounts on popular items to an audience who have already expressed interest in them – convincing themselves of their desire to purchase your product.

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | Forever21

Make it Interactive

Get them involved

Interactive content gains two times more traction than static content, and that number is only going to rise. Gen Z especially loves it: 45% want more interactivity with the content they consume, and 54% are interested in creating customised digital entertainment packages.  

That can all sound pretty futuristic, but the best Black Friday marketing campaigns are already doing this. And it’s actually pretty simple: the trick is to talk to your audience, and respond to them.

As our CEO points out, the trick is to leverage existing behaviours. Creating an online game or a virtual scratch card like Forever21 did in their clever Black Friday newsletter is familiar enough to customers, but with a digital-first interactive element that adds curiosity in spades. 

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | Boots

Go for Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Competitions and giveaways increase traffic to your website and are highly targetable. They help brands access an average of 34% of their new customers. A social media giveaway campaign will put yourself front of mind for followers and bring new ones into the picture – as over 60% of social media users share contests with friends. 

It’s also a great excuse to throw in a free gift – After all, it’s nearly Christmas. It’s a proven method of winning over Gen Z, who are more inclined to give brands their information if the perceived value of the prize is high enough. That’s good news for building your Black Friday targeting.

Boots’ Black Friday campaign offered two free essential oils when you buy the Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser. This is a great idea to do in-store too as people will be more inclined to buy that thing they’ve been “eyeing up for ages”. It’s a simple equation that gets potential buyers to the checkout. 

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | Converse

Add a free gift guide

Let them know what to buy

More than any generation before them, Gen Z responds particularly well to brands who meet their individual needs. Showing you understand their mindset is a great way to boost brand sentiment – and it’s even better for you if it’s combined with a brilliant Black Friday marketing campaign.

Creating a gift guide for Black Friday taps into Gen Z’s need for Christmas presents at this time of year. Gen Z are hugely driven by deals, with 61% saying that coupons or discounts would encourage them to try a new brand. Christmas presents a big potential financial hit – ramping up the desire for discounts.

This means that, even if your discounted products aren’t geared specifically towards Gen Z, you should be speaking to this demographic. Gen Z spends the highest percentage of their Christmas budget on their parents. Help them out with a guide and discounts, and you’ll have your best Black Friday marketing campaign for years.

Converse created a smart guide with all the options for the festive season. It’s an irresistible way to point customers towards a curated set of deals, while demonstrating that they’re helping. 

Fanbytes | Black Friday Marketing | McDonalds

Make Black Friday last longer

Stretch it out.

Using just one day to push deals? You’re missing out. Online sales reached $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday in 2020, so it’s important to  take advantage of the whole weekend – and beyond. 

McDonald’s changed their “Black Friday” to “Black Week”, promoting their deals throughout the whole seven days. What’s more is that they push their app for sign-ups, killing two birds with one stone. 

Extending your Black Friday sale is another option, giving customers who were on the verge of buying a second chance to purchase. 69.80% of customers, on average, abandon their shopping cart – and Gen Z are the most likely to do so. Providing a sale extension – and announcing it on social media –  is a helpful way of prompting them to go ahead and purchase. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Influencer Marketing

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Influencer marketing is the way forward, especially when winning over Gen Z for your brand. 70% of teens trust influencers over celebrities, and 90% of marketers commend influencer marketing for its effectiveness. 

Utilising someone else’s personality and audience allows you to build trust with new customers and develop creative, forward-thinking campaigns that land well for your target audience. We’ve put together some of the best ideas for influencer Black Friday marketing to get you on the right track.

Unique Discount Codes

Using a discount code that’s unique to that influencer will create a feeling of exclusivity. You can target specific influencers that fit in with your brand so that their followers are the kind of audience you want to be engaging with. It’s also a brilliant way of expanding your reach to people who may not be your go-to customers. Use a discount code for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and make sure it’s timed so that it creates a feeling of urgency and drives conversions. 

Tutorials and reviews

Using influencers to create tutorials on particular sale products or providing solutions to frequently asked questions on your items organically spreads the word about your brand and offerings. Tik Tok tutorials are some of the most-watched of all the platforms, so it’s essential to use them. Make sure to have your influencer talk about your Black Friday deals as a bonus so that people know what to expect.


Everyone loves watching unboxing videos. They boost engagement and add oodles of curiosity. It’s an exciting time for marketers with influencers willing to show off brands and their products in creative ways. Put some of your best deals into the mix when getting an influencer to show off your products. Get ready for increased interest and better basket closes. 

To find out more about our influencer marketing services and how we can help you over the holiday season, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Ensuring the best Black Friday marketing campaigns yet

Creating your own Black Friday marketing campaign can seem daunting, but by taking note from brands that have made it work, you can develop your own creative solutions to this deal-packed weekend. 

Gen Z are predicted to spend more on Black Friday this year than ever before. So get your thinking caps on and start to plan ways of getting them on board with your brand. 

And if you’re left feeling stumped, winning over Gen Z is our thing. Get in touch to find out more on how we can get Gen Z to fall in love with your brand time and time again. 

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