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3 Music Campaigns That Blew Up in 2018

As 2018 nears its end, it's a good time to have a look back at some of the music campaigns that absolutely killed it over the last year, from low-key, super organic campaigns, to fully immersive AR campaigns-- these guys really brought in the results. Let's take a look:

1. Good Soldier- Freya Ridings ‘Song of the Day’ Campaign

This campaign was a great example of a little going a long way. Independent music label, Good Soldier, wanted to get more streams for their artist Freya Ridings new single ‘Lost Without You.’

An obvious hurdle to smaller labels is not having the same sort of budget as the major labels, making it seem that you need to have cold hard cash to make a huge impact. But that isn’t necessarily the case.

Good Soldier opted for a ‘Song of the Day’ campaign for their artist, where the song was featured on our network of Snapchat channels which we own and operate.

The promo for the song was seamlessly integrated into the usual content of the Snapchat channels by presenting it as a song of the day, paired with Snapchat native pre and post rolls.

By the promo being presented in an organic way, it seemed more like a personal recommendation than a sales pitch; and the figures go to show how well it worked; the ad saw 10.9K swipe ups to stream the song!

2. Warner Bros. Records- Saweetie 'ICY GRL' AR Campaign

Warner Bros Records were looking to establish a brand identity, and cultivate a UK fan base around their up and coming hip hop artist, Saweetie. When the goal isn’t streams, labels often find themselves having to be super creative with their artist campaigns.

Saweetie had just released a single, ‘ICY GRL’, which was really representative of her bad bitch brand, so Warner Bros knew it would be wise the base the campaign around this song. But the campaign really needed to stand out, to set Saweetie apart in her genre.

In order to really create an impact, and establish what Saweetie was about, Warner Bros saw the best way to go being a Snapchat AR lens. AR lenses are an integrated feature in Snapchat, which allows users to play around with different visual effects, like coloured filters, 3D objects, face manipulation, overlays and even more, like in the video below:

The ICY GRL lens was based around the hook of the song ‘I’m icy, wifey, haters wanna fight me/ chargin’ by the minute cos my time is very pricey.’ Upon loading the lens, users would be surrounded by cascading icy diamonds, but when they tapped the screen, the diamonds would turn into dollar bills and coins, and all of this was backed with a clip from the track itself. The lens was distributed on our Snapchat channels, amongst the usual content.

The lens worked a treat, with 1.34million people viewing it, 158.7k people sharing it and 48.3k people sharing it. Lenses have amazing potential for creating organic traction, as they allow users to create their own videos and pictures, and share them with their friends and followers; which encourages a snowball effect of sharing beyond the initial push on our channels-- definitely a win for Warner Bros!

3. Relentless Records- Nicky Jam 'X Challenge' Influencer Campaign

At the time of this campaign, Nicky Jam was already a pretty well established artist, particularly in the US and Latin America. However, Relentless wanted Nicky Jam to gain more recognition in the UK, and create a fan culture around him and his single 'X'. Relentless had created a viral challenge around the song called 'The X Challenge', where participants, including some celebrities, recorded themselves doing the dance to the song and sharing it with their followers.

Relentless wanted the X Challenge to reach even further and go truly viral, particularly amongst a young, hip hop loving audience in the UK. The label knew that the best way to do this was to involve even more recognisable figures in the challenge, so they reached out to us to set up an influencer campaign.

We reached our to our extensive network of influencers to find the best people for the job; those with an interest in hip hop, and a large UK following that also shared their musical interests. One of the influencers who took part was Paigey Cakey, a London based MC with a huge Snapchat following.

Once the right influencer were picked, they filmed themselves taking part in the challenge, and encouraging their followers to do the same, as well as swipe up and stream 'X'. A promo video for the X Challenge was sandwiched between the snaps of the influencers dancing, making the whole campaign flow together seamlessly.

In the end, the campaign was a hit, with a high completion rate of 97%, £0.71 cost per click and over 4k swipe ups to stream the song.

Even though 2018 is nearly over, it's not too late to end the year with a bang, or perhaps even start the next with some impact. If you want to see how we can make your campaign blow up, give us an email at [email protected]

Sascha Morgan Evans

Content Executive

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