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4 Rules To Help You Win with Meme-Based Marketing

Memes are becoming an evermore valuable tool in social media marketing campaigns. They can and have been used to great success for many brands.

The meme form is great for engaging Gen Z and Millennial audiences through funny, down-to-earth and relatable content, and they can make the viewer feel like a brand truly understands them.

However, memes are a bit of an art, and require a level of skill and understanding to be executed effectively; any misteps in meme-based marketing could actually be quite damaging for a brand.

If you're reading this, you’re probably wondering where to start with setting up a meme-based campaign. Don't worry, we're here to help.

We’ve helped a number of brands win at meme based marketing, and turn out some great results:


Mohammed Mukati, the founder of Oevo, came to us in search of some help with increasing download rates with as low a CPI as possible.

We helped Mohammed and Oevo by using our team of 17-23 year old creatives to create Snapchat content promoting the app, which was then distributed through our influencer network.

The content that our creative team created integrated familiar video meme formats that integrated Oevo’s own logo and identity.


Our campaign that we created for Oevo resulted in a CPI of $0.50, which is 8x cheaper than Oevo was able to get through Snap Ads or Facebook.

Click here to see Oevo's campaign


Fanbytes has been Plato’s leading growth partner for six months, with the app’s active user base growing to 200,000 daily active users and a CPI that is consistently under $1.

Plato had previously struggled using other means of Gen Z marketing; with social media they were struggling to retain users, and with influencer marketing they had struggled to attain low CPIs.

We helped plato by creating a number of unique campaigns, a number of them using stories, character and memes; which really appealed to their 13-18 year old audience.


Once our campaigns went live, Plato saw over 330,000 direct installs, 2,000,000+ clicks and an average CPI of $0.75.

Click here for a peek at Plato's Campaign

Laughs App

Laughs is a comedy app for funny videos and images, which goes hand in hand with meme based marketing.

Laughs CEO Ben Michael wanted to grow the Laughs community as quickly as possible, with a target of 50,000 users.

We created campaigns for Laughs which used a bunch of viral memes, so that viewers could be converted by being shown what sorts of funny content they could expect to see on the app.


This strategy lead to massive success- Ben’s target of 50,000 users was smashed, with the app growing to 60,000+ users.

The campaigns also saw 44 million unique views and 550,000+ clicks- anybody would be laughing with such amazing figures.

Click here to see the Laughs campaign in action

If you're considering using meme based marketing, you need to follow these 4 Golden Rules if you really want to nail it.

The Golden Rules of Meme Marketing:

1. Keep up to date

Make sure that the meme formats you are using aren’t outdated. The only attention your brand will get using a dead meme will be negative. Nobody wants to see a ‘Me Gusta’ meme in 2018.

2. Know your memes

If the person creating the content for you meme campaigns isn’t really part of meme culture, it’s worth considering using someone that is. Meme formats are hard to nail if you don’t fully understand them, and your audience will be able to see that. If you don’t get a popular meme, look it up on Know Your Meme, or reconsider using it.

3. Don’t try too hard

Don’t go over the top with using too much slang, too many memes or too many awkwardly jammed in references as part of your campaigns. Gen Zers will only see it as cringey and you'll likely end up on r/FellowKids.

4. Align memes to your brand

Make sure that the memes you are using are relevant to your brand. The beautiful thing about memes is that you can create your own, meaning you can shoehorn your brand identity into you meme content.

These rules are absolutely essential for meme based marketing, if you listen to them your audience will be drawn to your brand like a moth to a lamp. If you don't, you'll end up flopping pretty badly.

Sascha Morgan Evans

Content Executive

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