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5 Tips to Get Featured in Influencer Spotlight

Want to become our featured influencer, and get recognition and follows from all the other influencers in our network?

Here are 5 top tips to help you make the cut.

1. Be Charismatic

We love lively, engaging content. If you’re upbeat and excited when you deliver your content, then chances are it will translate to your audience!

2. Stay Sincere

On the contrary, it’s easy for your audience (and for us) to spot when you’re not being sincere about what your endorsing.

Not only is this likely to limit the success of your campaign, but your audience could begin to switch off if they suspect you don’t care about what you’re endorsing.

3. Keep Your Users More Engaged

The influencers with the most engaged following get the based campaign results.

Not only does that give you access to better campaigns and higher payouts, but better campaign results are also more likely to attract the attention of the Fanbytes team!

4. Surprise Us!

If your content is unlike anything we’ve seen before, then there’s a great chance you’ll get featured in Influencer Spotlight.

That’s why Nella Rose (Insta: @nellarosee / Snap: @Nella_Roses) got featured in our first ever Influencer Spotlight: by filming her content for a student app in her graduation robes, she got a great response from her campaign, and the app loved it!

Bret Cameron

Head of Marketing

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