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A New Wave of Augmented Reality Advertising on Snapchat [2018]

We know Snapchat was the first social media platform to pioneer augmented reality.

Whether it's the filters that morph your face to add puppy ears:


or your bitmoji (a small animated version of yourself) being placed in your environment,


"We've seen it all before!" I hear you.

BUT the new 'Stranger Things' augmented reality ROOM has taken things to a whole new level. The lens creates a momentary portal to a room that is central to the series, which you can walk around in and explore in great detail.


Whether you're familiar with the popular Netflix show or not, you will be after this filter.

👇 This week's Bytesized reveals all! Click the below to watch👇

It's an ad that doesn't feel like one and people will voluntarily engage whether they know the show or not, sharing it on their Stories to their friends and raising organic awareness for the show.

Try it out for yourself! Open up your Snapchat now and scan this Snapcode to unlock the filter:


This only emphasises the endless possibilities of mobile augmented reality and highlights how central mobiles are to a consumer's experience.

Lillian Chan

Creative Strategist

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