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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cross-Promoting Your App

Keep your friends close, and your app competition closer.

Cross-promotion allows you to drive traffic to your app by advertising on an app in a similar category, aimed at a similar demographic to yours. In exchange, you just have to do the same for the other app. When done in the right way, it can be a very lucrative, mutually beneficial strategy.

Finding the Right Partners

Look on the app stores.

Visit the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and look for apps in similar categories to yours, available on the same platform(s), and with a similar number of users.

On Google Play, you can see roughly how many installs an app has got. On the iOS App Store, you can’t see the number of installs, but you can make an educated guess by checking the number of ratings an app has received, and seeing where it app ranks within its category.

Check other titles by the same developer.

We also recommend checking out the developer’s website, and checking out the popularity of their top apps. This is because a studio whose top apps are much larger than yours may be less interested in cross-promotion, as they can already use their more popular apps to promote their less popular ones.

If you think your app and another app could derive mutual benefit from cross-promotion, reach out to the developers. In general, you can find contact details or a contact form on the developer’s website. Or, occasionally, apps will leave a support email in the app description.

Cross Promotion Strategies

Create a video trailer.

This is one of the most obvious cross promotion strategies. Create a trailer for your app to be played on the other app when a user is in inactive mode.

Offer rewards.

Negotiate with the other app so that users are rewarded with virtual bonuses when they download your app.

Add a "more games" button.

If they like the app, users are likely to believe that they’ll also like the apps . This can be a way of affirming to the users that your app is trusted and recommended.

Try in-app notifications.

Advertise your app through a short, enticing message to users.

Notify your mailing list.

Have your app advertised in an email sent by the other app developers to their email list, and do the same for them.

Final Word

Finally, a word of caution: sometimes one app can benefit from cross promotion far more than the other. For example, it may seem like a great idea to have your blog marketed on an incredibly addictive app, but remember that this could actually work against you by driving traffic away from your app and towards their.

That’s why it’s worth taking the time to find exactly the right partner for you. A big part of this is making sure that your apps really do share the same target audience. Of course, testing and analysis throughout your cross promotion will help deliver the best results for you.

Cross promotion is a fantastic way to support an app growth campaign. To learn more about how Fanbytes can help your app get 100,000s of installs at a minimal cost, click here.

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