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AR is The Next Internet and Snapchat Has a Leg Up on Everyone

I'm pretty sure everyone remembers when not so long ago everyone was roaming around the streets, their eye glued to their phone trying to catch elusive pokemons. Pokemon Go took the world by storm due to its interesting design and the nostalgia it woke in many people but more importantly due to its revolutionary use of Augmented Reality.

Virtual Reality is the future, but it's also a long way into the future, however AR is in full gear NOW!

Almost everyone has jumped on it, gaming companies, app firms, Apple itself and most importantly, the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Although Facebook and Twitter are investing highly into Augumented Reality, Snapchat is ahead of everyone else.

They were the first ones to utilise the concept when they rolled out Snap Lenses and watched it become of the most popular features of the app.


Snapchat claims that it's AR technology is the best on the market and so far it's managed to attract multiple companies to buy into their Sponsored Lens.

A while back Netflix took over headlines by promoting Stranger Things Season 2 through this sponsored lens on Snapchat that allowed you to step into the show's iconic room.

Other companies like McDonalds, BMW and Budweiser have successfully run Lens campaigns as well.

However Snapchat Sponsored Lenses do not come cheap. Companies can be expected to pay $1 million each day that the lens is active, thus proving a lucrative asset for Snap Inc.

Obviously AR technology can and will develop a lot further than where it already is, but we can expect Snapchat to be at the forefront of this technology.

Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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