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How Fanbytes Works with TikTok Influencers

Whether you’re familiar with it or not, it should be known that TikTok is the hottest property in the social app market right now. In the month of October, it was reported by TechCrunch that TikTok exceeded all of its competitors (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube) in terms of app installs. What’s more, the app is reported to have over 500 million monthly active members-- probably more as I type this.

With an app that has grown so exponentially over the past few months, it’s also worth paying attention to the influencers who have grown their careers in tandem with the popularity of the platform. Because of the format of content on TikTok, the influencers on the platform are pretty different from anything we’ve seen before.

TikTok posts are short-form, they can be anywhere from a few seconds to 2 minutes long, and are usually accompanied with a sound clip from TikTok’s extensive sound library, this sound clip could be a popular song, or a funny excerpt from a YouTube video. TikTokkers tend to dance or lipsync on their videos, often taking part in viral challenges on the platform.

To get to the point, TikTok influencers are worth paying attention to! The next Shane Dawson, James Charles or Liza Koshy could emerge from TikTok. What’s more, the platform is fresh and exciting, we haven’t seen everything there is to see out of it, and in terms of marketing capabilities- it’s an untapped treasure trove.

We’ve taken initiative to onboard and nurture TikTok influencers early on in the game. One way in which we’ve done this is through a ‘shout for shout’ method that crosses over both TikTok and Snapchat. We allow the influencer to ‘take over’ our owned and operated Snapchat channels that have a reach over a million viewers daily.

During the takeover, we post a bunch of the TikTokker’s content off the platform within the flow of the usual content that we post. When viewers swipe up, they’re directed to the influencer’s TikTok page. In return, the influencer promotes our Snapchat channels on their TikTok profile.

This method works really well for generating more buzz around influencers who are trying to further establish themselves in the world of influencer marketing. The proof is really in the pudding; one influencer we’ve worked with, Steven McKell, saw a 150% increase in fan (follower) growth on his TikTok page on the day that he took over our channels.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Being featured on amazing posts was really exciting. Being able to make content for such a large platform and seeing people enjoy my content was really fun.”

At Fanbytes we’re all about nurturing the careers of influencers, so that they can fully meet their potential and keep creating quality content for an ever growing audience.

We spoke to Steven McKell and fellow TikTokker Charsworld on their experiences with working with Fanbytes and activating campaigns on TikTok:

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Sascha Morgan Evans

Content Executive

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