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ChatBytes: Mark Butler, Digital Marketing, Good Soldier

A couple of months ago, we created an amazing 'Song of the Day' campaign with Good Soldier, for their artist Freya Riding's new single 'Lost Without You.' The campaign was distributed on our Snapchat channel network, which entertains millions of viewers daily. The campaign was a hit, with ad seeing 10.9K swipe ups to stream the song!

Now, we've had the pleasure to chat to Mark Butler, a member of the Digital Marketing team at Good Soldier, about music marketing and working with Fanbytes.

Could you introduce yourself and Good Soldier?

Hi, I’m Mark Butler, I'm part of the Digital Marketing team at Good Soldier. We are an independent record label that’s developing artists to try and make them successful. We’ve a lots of different acts including Freya Riding, who’s doing really well at the moment she’s currently in the UK Top 10 and is breaking through to the US. Freya has the biggest independent charting single since Stormzy, and it’s the only song to be written and sung by a sole female artist since Kate Bush!

What sort of problems had you faced with music marketing before coming to Fanbytes?

I usually find Snapchat marketing to be quite invasive as a tool. As opposed to Facebook and Instagram, where paid advertising appears in the feed as users would consume it; it’s part of the experience of browsing through the platforms.

With Snap Ads, it’s pretty invasive, like YouTube pre rolls. It’s like me getting in front of someone and waving my hands around; it’s not conducive to forming a relationship and it becomes more of an annoyance than anything.

How did you come to working with Fanbytes?

I discovered Fanbytes through Music Business Worldwide. I really like how you guys have an organic take on marketing through Snapchat, your ads look like they’re part of Snapchat. I feel this sort of advertising creates more engagement. You promote organic content onto people’s experience, which compliments their usage of the app rather than disrupting it.

What was your experience with working with us?

Working with Fanbytes was really easy. The whole campaign was set up really quickly, within a couple of days. The Fanbytes dashboard is great, it’s easy to see everything you need to see like views and clicks- it makes it clear how things have rolled.

Why do you think Fanbytes works well for music industry campaigns?

The way that Fanbytes presents content is totally different from the way that a music marketer would do it. Music marketers want to make everything really obvious, they would want to put the artist’s face front and center, and make sure the logo and the song and all of that is in there.

The way that Fanbytes does it is totally different, like our campaign had a pre-roll that said ‘this song makes me feel so emotional, swipe up.’ Which leaves the viewer asking ‘what’s this song that makes you feel emotional?’ and swiping up to find out. It leaves users asking questions and wanting to find out more. Also, the Fanbytes team is experienced in what works and what doesn’t. They’ve tested loads of different stuff out, things that music marketers don’t have the time or experience to do.

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Sascha Morgan Evans

Content Executive

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