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Explained: What is TikTok?

In brief: TikTok is a media platform which allows users to upload short form videos ranging from 2 second to 2 minutes, usually accompanied with a soundtrack that can be overlaid using TikTok’s inbuilt sound library.

Key Facts

  • 800million Lifetime Installs
  • Surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in terms of downloads
  • Global user base: Particularly popular in the UK, US, EU, Latin America and Asia
  • 60% of the user base is female


Here’s an array of different types of content on the platform, some of the most popular being lipsyncing and dancing to music and comedy skits. Of course, the type of content you can see on TikTok isn’t just limited to those genres, you can find art videos, vlogs, food videos, fashion videos and way more.


TIkTok has a vast built in sound library made up of popular songs and sound clips. Sounds can be uploaded by users, allowing them to make their content even more original, and even start TikTok memes.

How to create your own TikTok

How do I navigate content and find people?

Following & For You

On TikTok, there are two 'streams' or 'timelines' of content that you can navigate- Following and For You.

Following consists of videos from users that you are a ‘fan’ of, in other words, the videos of people that you follow on the app.

The ‘For You’ stream consists of videos that are recommended for you based on the app’s AI.

It has not been confirmed by anyone at TikTok what these suggestions are based on, but it’s been speculated that location, the type of content that you have already liked, commented on and shared, search keywords and skipped content all contribute to what users see in their ‘For You’ feed.

Search Function

If you want to look for something or someone a bit more specific, then you can use TikTok's search feature.

This can be accessed by tapping the magnifying glass on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Through TikTok's search function, you can search for specific users, hashtags, sounds and keywords.

Sascha Morgan Evans

Content Executive

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