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Facebook Users Won't Listen to your Artists' Music

The facts are there: Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. There are currently around 2.2 billion active users on Facebook in 2018, making most other social media platforms seem pretty small in comparison.

Facebook would seem like a haven for any music marketer; you have access to pages and groups that can bring your artists' fans together, video and picture support so that you can upload music promos and videos, and events listings which give you the power to promote gigs to people in the area.

On top of all of this, Facebook comes with a powerful ad platform, which lets you handpick your demographic.

In the world of music marketing, it seems obvious that you should be focusing most of your marketing forces on campaigning through Facebook. Right?

The truth is, music marketing campaigns are set to fail on Facebook.

Facebook is extremely tough to break even for major labels, the platform is absolutely saturated by people trying to do the exact same thing as you are: to get people streaming and buying your artist's music.

The likelihood is, especially if your target audience is in the 13-18 demographic, that your audience will scroll straight past that budget blowing promo video you posted.

What's more, Facebook is not kind on anyone's budget. Everyone is looking to save money where they can, and Facebook's ad services can come at a hefty price.

But the final nail in the coffin for the Facebook music campaign is this simple fact:

85% of Facebook users do not turn their sound on when using the platform

Statistically speaking, Facebook users will not listen to your artists' music.

At this point, you're probably wondering what the alternative is. Perhaps this will tell you the answer:

2/3rds of Snapchat users will view content with their sound turned on

That's right. If you're promoting an artists' music through Snapchat, the majority of your audience will be listening.

But starting a campaign on Snapchat isn't as simple as rolling out that glossy promo video through the Snap Ads platform.

Traditional marketing techniques aren't going to cut it on Snapchat.

The Gen Z audience that thrives on Snapchat won't be interested in ads that pop up and interrupt them whilst using the app, and they won't be interested in yet another clean-cut, corporate promo.

Luckily, Snapchat is a space where you can get really creative with your marketing campaigns, and be on a level with your audience.

AR marketing is a particularly hot topic right now- through it you can access your audience's world- literally.

Snapchat lenses are the perfect tool for the AR marketeer; you could dress the user up in your artists signature style and their newest single playing in the background, put them in a 3D concert with you artist singing, or perhaps a 3D speaker–like our boombox–that users can play around with.


As well as AR, organic marketing is great for attracting the attention of the Snapchat audience because it feels more personal and understanding of them– rather than that you're just trying to sell them something.

Through Snapchat, you can swap the corporate veneer out for amateurish style videos using emojis, gifs and paintbrushes to create a grassroots campaign.

This strategy is a sure winner; in tests, an organic marketing content outperformed a professionally produced music video by three times– the proof is definitely there.

Snapchat is the ideal tool for expressing your artist's personal brand and telling their story, whilst absolutely smashing your sales and streaming targets.

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Sascha Morgan Evans

Content Executive

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