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Fanbytes Takes The Guesswork Out Of Influencer Marketing

"...influencers are leading the charge when it comes to happier advertisers and a more engaged audience."

In his piece for Engadget, Edmund Ingham looks at how Fanbytes is taking a new approach to influencer marketing (and marketing in general), as well as working more closely with brands.


(Originally written by Edmund Inham for Engadget on February 2, 2016)

The way that brands are targeting Millennial audiences is changing. Traditional mediums such as TV, radio or print are failing to keep pace with the way that generation YouTube likes to interact with one another and live their lives. Millennials are an always-on generation, far more likely to be found sharing content on YouTube, Snapchat, Vine and Instagram whilst out and about than sat in front of the television, patiently waiting for an ad break to finish.

The key to millennial marketing is the social influencer, but until recently it's been tough for brands to find a way to make influencers a credible media buy with no scalable way to find, plan and measure campaigns.

Until now. The enterprising team behind influencer marketing platform Fanbytes have launched a real time data analytics platform to help advertisers and media buyers plan the perfect influencer campaign, eliminating the pain of trying to reach an influencer through their "agent" which normally involves endless emails, high charges and often, the wrong target market altogether.

Fanbytes co-founders CEO Timothy Armoo and CMO Ambrose Cooke grew up as millennials, meaning that, unlike their increasingly grey haired and out of touch counterparts at old school advertising agencies, they understand perfectly what an advertiser needs to mount a truly successful campaign, without wasting a single penny of their budget.

The "Fanbytes score" which accompanies the platform is a measure of the real value of any social influencer, using many different data points to break down their audience by age, gender, reach and levels of engagement. All the advertiser needs to do is to sign up to the platform to be given full access to a suite of analytical and easy to understand tools, and start plotting their brand's campaign.

Brands pay per engagement, and selected influencers who fit the target demographic are then invited to pitch their ideas to the brand. The best thing about the campaigns from the brand's point of view is the opportunity to review the pitches and sign off on the work, not just at the creative stage, but also after the media has been created. Brands have never previously been able to have this level of input into a campaign, and it makes for compelling, collaborative content that both sides can be proud of.

Another huge win for campaign planners is that not only is the minimum levels of engagement guaranteed, there is also every chance the campaign will "go viral" and reach an audience that goes way beyond an advertisers most optimistic expectations. No downside risk, but unlimited upside potential.
Whatever happens, Fanbytes will be tracking and sharing the results with their clients via their innovative and disruptive tech platform, helping brands keep track of every engagement, be it likes, comments, shares or click-throughs.

"Hopefully the days of influencer marketing being more like the Wild West than West London are well and truly behind us", says Armoo.

Already, Fanbytes has helped globally recognised brands like Nickelodeon, GoPro, Adidas and Gameloft produce successful campaigns using some of the brightest influencer talent, each one carefully selected to exactly match the target audience, meaning the influencer can get on with what they do best – creating great original content.

It's a win-win situation for all parties and thanks to Fanbytes scoring system, it's never been easier to plan, execute, deliver and track the campaign media buyers have always wanted from social influencers, be they Youtubers, Instagrammers or the latest SnapChat sensation. It's efficient, economical and bang on trend.

If you haven't already, perhaps it's time to allocate a little, or even a lot, of this year's marketing budget to the coming force of the modern advertising age. Thanks to guys like Armoo and Cooke, influencers are leading the charge when it comes to happier advertisers and a more engaged audience.

Sofia Loporcaro

Marketing Director

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