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How brands can get ahead with Promoted Stories

Snapchat has been a busy bee over the last few months when it comes to the Stories Page and yet another feature has been unleashed: Promoted Stories. With ASOS and HBO leading the way on utilising this new guy, just in time for Black Friday. This new ad style sits in the section right next to Shows and allow brands to create a multi-snap advert in the story format. One that’s much more recognisable to users and much less intrusive than the ads that currently feature between the stories on the user’s own feed.


We can hear the concerns though. Allowing users to choose whether to watch an ad, surely that wouldn’t work, aren’t we meant to force users to see these? It’s a step in a new direction, sure. But fear not.


A key point to remember with the current ads between stories is that despite the high number of viewers, the interaction and click throughs - just aren’t that strong.

So once you’ve gotten over the shock of the new format remember two points:

  • Gen Z want ads that don’t feel like ads
  • This new format gives you even more opportunity to sell the brand

Promoted Snap filters have done a great job on the first point, they encourage users to interact with the brand, however, they don’t allow brands to relay their message so much. A well coordinated and interesting looking Promoted Story will intrigue Snapchatters into clicking on this new feature, especially as they already spend so much time on the Stories section as it is. This will also integrate well with the proposed changes to Snap in 2018 as the ads and stories become much more personalised to users. Meaning it will be even easier to entice potential customers.
This new ad format admittedly requires much more creativity than the older format but a great story is much more likely to inspire interaction and multiple snaps increase the amount of time the consumer is engaging with the brand.


We think it’s a great idea and if executed well will bring brands and consumers much closer - we can’t wait to see how successful this style was for ASOS in the UK and HBO in the US.

Lucy Wood

Content Lead

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