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How Deezer Won Snapchat Through AR + Snapchat Influencers

It used to be that a brand could not go viral on Snapchat unless they paid hefty fees for a Snapchat world lens. Most also think that Snapchat, due to its walled gardens, maked it impossible to go viral organically, versus something like Twitter where you can trend.

However Snapchat marketing agency Fanbytes believes it's entirely possible to go viral organically on Snapchat. The key, they said, is to not promote your brand, but instead, to help Snapchat's users express their own individuality. This works particularly well with content that touches on social culture.

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Last week, we announced our new AR product Fanbytes Studio, which enables brands to create AR content at scale and distribute it on Snapchat through our network of Snap channels and influencers.

We also mentioned that global music streaming brand Deezer would be the first brand using the product, launching over the weekend (21st/22nd January)

And boy did they smash it...

This blog post will outline what the campaign entailed and how we got 100'000s of people to engage with Deezer in the most ridiculously creative ways possible.

What we did


Using our crowdsourced design network, we created an augmented reality boombox which users could move according to the music in the background. See below for the example of the boombox in action in the Fanbytes office.


We then pushed out the boombox through our network of Snapchat channels and influencers encouraging people to send our channels videos of them dancing to the videos and also putting it on their Snapchat channels


  • Within 24 hours of the lens going live, over 1 million people interacted with the boombox, creating massive brand engagement and organic coverage for Deezer as it was shared with friends.
  • 46,000 people scanned the lens to place on their stories, resulting in extra organic coverage for Deezer
  • 11,000 + people shared with their friends.
  • 3,200 people sent our channels videos of them using the filter.
  • But don't just take our word for it, here's the results from the official Snapchat Dashboard!

What Deezer had to say

“Absolutely mind-blowing results. To be able to reach an audience in a way that doesn't feel like advertising and having them actually advertise our brand for us is amazing to see. For something which is still a branded idea, the engagement numbers are just staggering!”

Check out some of the videos here

Want to run your own AR campaigns?

As can be seen from the campaign, AR has the potential to fundamentally change how your audience can interact with your brand changing it from being an intrusive, interruptive experience to a shared enjoyable experience. If you'd like to learn more about how to use AR to power your brands, email [email protected] to learn more.

Timothy Armoo


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