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How Facebook Groups Can Make Your Business Grow

When you think about Facebook and advertising on Facebook, the primary focus is on Facebook pages and Facebook ads. However, did you know that there is a really bigemergence of the Facebook groups, where brands and marketers are building massive groups centred around specific interests? Currently, there are around 620 million groups on Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg has actually said that he aims to get in the next years to a billion groups on Facebook. This might have sounded like an impossible feat a few years ago, but now he’s more than halfway through achieving his goal to bring groups of people together “to build a community.”

How are Facebook groups connecting clients and consumers?

Facebook groups range from tens of thousands of people interested in dog sitting to hundreds of thousands of people passionate about bird watching. While these examples are a bit extreme, the point is that there is no activity or hobby that doesn’t already have a Facebook group. Therefore, brands can use Facebook groups to their advantage, by centring them around them. Peloton is an example of group marketing done right; this American brand which streams fitness classes has a Facebook group of over a hundred thousand members who are their own consumers. There, they can share tips and advice on fitness plans and products, but also various insight pieces about the industry.

Why are Facebook groups becoming so important?

In the past, when we hopped onto Facebook, the key thing was keeping up with your friends. Shortly after, brands started to come in, and then it really just became a broadcast system for them to be able to shout at you. Nowadays, this approach has changed, due to the emerging of things like fake news influencing advertising and pages. The organic reach of pages started to decrease a bit, which is why Facebook groups help people get back to what social media used to be—these tightly integrated groups. That is basically where the future is going, and the really cool thing about groups is that you can create a really strong community if you debate and communicate and share tips and advice with each other, with you almost being the arbiter. This will allow you to start talking about things that are linked with your brand or things that are linked with what you want people to talk about; you can almost control the conversation. A really cool thing about groups is also that when you post something in a group, every member gets a notification. This is in contrast with Facebook pages, where you can have a million people on your Facebook post, but every new post will be seen only by 500 people. I’ve seen that happen before, and I’m sure you’ve seen it too.

What types of businesses should use Facebook groups?

Facebook groups can be a powerful tool for the modern-day marketer; this idea of a group chat, which can create a massive community both for your brand or for you as a marketer. If you are a brand, maybe you can invite people to the Facebook group after they bought your product, telling them that it’s an exclusive way to keep in touch, in a more direct way than they would through a standard email address. For instance, you can run a promotion in that Facebook group, in addition to the email newsletter. This will work if you are a B2B or a B2C person as well. It's important to realize that in 2019, these groups are going to be prioritized a lot more, which means that if you step on it now, you are then able to really own the conversation and be one of the first of this new trend.

Alexandra Fechete


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