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How MyMy Music Gained a CPI of $0.49

The founders of MyMy Music looked at the world’s streaming services and noticed a gap in the market. What if a streaming service could help you discover unsigned, independent artists?

MyMy Music is a music app puts the power in the hands of the consumer. It helps you discover a whole range of underground artists. At the same time, it lets you channel your inner Simon Cowell by swiping right or left on tracks, judging which are hot or not.

The Challenge They Faced

MyMy Music were confident that they were onto something. But they needed the right exposure: reaching a young, hiphop-loving audience was easier said than done. We spoke to the apps's COO Shawn Pouliotte, who suggested the difficulty lay in ‘reaching a relevant audience at a price that made business sense.’ As a new app, it was hard to get their name out there among young people without over-spending.

They had tried digital ads on Facebook and Instagram, and also ran tests on Twitter. ‘We were trying different channels that got us a multi dollar CPA and we couldn’t sustain this at this early stage,’ Pouliotte said.

The problem MyMy Music faced is one all too common for apps at an early stage of growth. Studies have shown that advertising directly on Facebook and Google is becoming more and more expensive, but that companies aren’t seeing good enough results to legitimise the rising costs.

Discovering Fanbytes

MyMy Music knew a change in tactic was needed. They had never tried influencer marketing before, but decided to take the leap when they first heard about Fanbytes.

‘We found Fanbytes through a news article published in Music Business Weekly. They had clearly worked in our space (music) and hence had an understanding of our needs from the start. I decided to do a test run to see how it went. Needless to say I was blown away by the results.’

Our Strategy

In the past, we’ve worked with big music brands like Sony, Warner Bros, and Universal – as well as partnering with a variety of apps. MyMy Music presented a new and exciting challenge. It was a merging of two worlds for us: a music campaign and an app installs campaign rolled into one.

In terms of distribution, the Fanbytes platform offered exactly the infrastructure that MyMy Music needed. We could guarantee reach across an engaged audience of young people through our different influencers.

On the creative side, our creative team began brainstorming for the perfect way to sell the app in just a 10 second window. We knew that the content needed to look slick and exciting. The result was a simple but stylish motion graphics ad that used Gen Z language, fun wordplay and a clear call to action in order to grab the viewer’s attention.


The content was hugely successful, and brought MyMy Music’s CPI down to just $0.49.
‘The traffic and installs generated were of quality and really engaged,’ said Shawn Pouliotte. ‘Combine this with the aggressive CPI and I was very impressed by what they delivered. The team clearly knows how to target how to target the audience in the networks they support … I have all but halted my media on other platforms.’

Charlotte Gifford


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