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How Snapchat are showing us the future of TV shows

Due to the current success of the Snap shows format, Snap and NBCUniversal have teamed up to produce even more Snap shows, each between 3-5 minutes long. We can’t wait! As it means we’ll now have tons more shows to satiate us while we wait for our weekly fix of Phone Swap. The show is already a regular on Snap and has been a roaring success – the endless drama and constant cliffhangers have us all hooked.

Moving into the video media territory seemed inevitable, especially due to the success of Netflix since they pushed forward with dramatically increasing their original content.

This move has completely changed the way we now use Netflix and also highlights how streaming companies focus more and more on audience ownership.
In the social media stratosphere, Facebook has also made some movie-style moves creating original video content in their new feature, Watch.

However, we believe Snap has the advantage in the original shows war.

Short and Snappy

The short length of the shows, recap: about 3-5 mins each, makes it super easy to catch up on the go or watch when we’ve just got a few minutes free. Plus, it suits the ever shortening attention span of millennials. (Hey, we just want content fast and don’t see the point in wading through endless jargon to get to it). Also, it’s super easy to access the shows page, right there on the Stories Page.

Packs a punch

Short but interesting videos in series formats that pack a punch are a pretty untouched area. Even Youtube videos are rarely that short, so Snap can own the format much more. While keeping us all hooked.

Easy to view

The proximity of the shows area to the our Snap story feed also means an endless stream of original viewers. A cheeky browse of the shows when you’ve viewed all your friends’ stories or just fancy a bit of a switch up on content. So even non-regular viewers of the shows will get in on the action.

Effortless to find

But most importantly, Snap is already integrated into our lives. We come across the shows during our daily use of Snap already and we don’t have to go out of our way to click on an app that has one purpose. Snap becomes ever more multipurpose.

But how can we get involved, other than just sitting down and pulling out the popcorn? Snap shows are short. But snap ads are shorter. As shows create a following, they also create high rates of engagement, comparative to views. We’re all for that.
As the ‘shows’ concept is still fresh and massively expanding it’s time to get creative about how advertising can feature in this longer snapchat format. One that still benefits from snappy messages and eye catching styles. But millennials love advertisement integration, if it doesn’t feel like an advert then it’s more likely to be enjoyed and engaged with.

Lucy Wood

Content Lead

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