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How the Peak app got 28,000 downloads a day using Snapchat

When it comes to driving downloads for an app — a developer thinks about Facebook, perhaps Instagram, Search Ads on the App Store, networks like Vungle, Unity and so on, but what they ought to be thinking about is…Snapchat!


In the summer, Peak Labs started using Snapchat’s ad product to insert ads in between stories and then including a swipe-up link to the app’s download page. In the two months that the ads were running they tracked 1.7 million downloads as a result of the Snapchat ads.

They were running Facebook Ads at the same time and got more downloads through Facebook but the cost-per-install(CPI) was 50% lower on Snapchat. So if it cost £1 to get someone to download the app on Facebook, you can get someone on Snapchat to download the app for just £0.50 of advertising.

So how to get success with Snap Ads?

It is not enough to simply just start advertising on Snapchat, you have to do it right and here the creative makes the difference. You need to bear in mind how the user will experience your ad. They are going through their friend Stacy’s snaps from her holiday in France and when her stories end, a dude shows up asking them to download this app…NO!

That is the fastest way to waste money on Snapchat. The ad is intrusive and uninteresting.

What did Peak Labs do differently?

Well the difference is in their creative. It wasn’t a guy telling them how fun the app was or just a series of messages flashing on the screen about discounts and what not. Instead they opted for showing you the app instead of telling you about it.


The creative was thus a ‘brain teaser’ that asked users to think about the answer of the puzzle, it was intriguing, fun and engaging.


Snapchat can be an awesome channel for your business to reach new customers and drive growth, but it has to be done right!

Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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