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How this social gaming app gained CPIs of $0.40 through Snap Influencers!

Hey guys, so this is an interview that we had with brilliant app marketer Mr. Joe Wagner who works for Plato, a social gaming app which lets users play fun games against each other.

Using our ad product purposefully built for mobile installs - Fanbytes App Install, Plato were able to have Snapchat optimised ads created for them by our crowdsourced design network and distribute it through our audience of engaged Snapchat channels.

Having worked with the product for over 4 months, running campaigns every single weekend, Plato have achieved maximum CPI's of $0.90, with their lowest CPI being $0.40, reaching a global 13-25 audience at scale!

About Fanbytes Installs

Fanbytes Installs is our ad product specifically engineered for mobile apps following a two step process.

  1. Our network of designers create Snapchat optimised branded ads for your app.
  1. We then distribute these ads through the most engaged Snapchat channels which are followed by 100'000s of people. (In Plato's case, their audience was lifestyle gamers aged between 13-25 and we distributed their ad through there). Below are some example of the Snapchat channels in our network.

On to the interview

1. Talk to me a bit about the marketing efforts that you've used to promote Plato. Your experience with them? What was amazing and what was, perhaps, more frustrating?

We've had a lot of success getting Plato onto people's devices. As of our launch we've managed to get 1.5 million downloads across iOS and Android. That being said, not all our efforts have gotten us the right people.

The native platform Search Ads for example, we've played a lot with that. On the iOS side, you can drive the CPI quite low with them but they struggle to retain. On the Google side of things, it's more of a volume issue. You can get a ton of low quality users or just a handful of high quality users which is not enough to move the needle.

2. How about social or influencers? Did you have any experience with those?

We did try social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. We've had to use memes to market our app, at least that's what our partners were using, and it felt a bit dirty - not really representing of our app. Also, quite inconsistent to be fair.

Some campaigns would hit it out of the park and many others would fall flat. CPI was all over the place.
We've also tried influencer marketing, working directly with influencers and going through agencies and honestly, maybe we did it wrong, but we were seeing terrible CPIs, really long lead times (took like 2 months to get a campaign off the ground), really didn't trust the numbers that were being reported because they didn't make sense at all. I think there is a lot of promise for influencer marketing, but you’ve got to know what you're doing or have the right partner.

3. Did you guys have any experience with Snapchat before you approached Fanbytes?

Yeah just a little. It wasn't a huge campaign or anything like that. We knew that Snapchat had the audience that we wanted to go after, but we didn't know how to go after them in a meaningful way so we were really happy when Steve Young from Appmasters connected us with you guys.

4. So Plato ran a test campaign with Fanbytes back in October. What was your experience with that?

It was great. It blew away all our expectations. I mean, we hit super stellar CPIs. The users were better than our organic quality users. These were people who were very, very qualified and wanted the application.

One of things that we've seen from you guys over the many campaigns we've run with you is that direct downloads may be a little lower, but people are inviting their friends to check out the app, 3 or 4 friends, and that's the type of engaged high-quality user that we want.

5. Why do you think that happened?

I think it has a lot to do with the creative. Everyone else that we were working with called it in; creative was the last thing they were thinking about. Instead it was about "here's all the impressions I can get for you".

6. You mentioned earlier that retention is key for you. Do you think there's a link between the creative that's used and user retention?

I think that the app carries a lot of weight when it comes to user retention, but I think it's important that the creative really nails what the application really is.
So many apps you see, they have these beautiful cinematics and they hire expensive actors and paint this really nice picture of the app and then you get in and all you do is mind-numbingly tap the screen. Not to judge those apps, but I think they would have higher conversion rates if they just showed that instead of misrepresenting their app.

7. What is one of the huge mistakes that app marketers do nowadays when it comes to promoting their apps?

One of the places that app marketers fall down a lot is that they see unlimited impressions out there in the universe and they see that as an opportunity instead of thinking "Wow I'm really wasting people's time if I show them something they don't like...and they don't convert."
There ought to be less focus on impressions and more focus on GOOD impressions. I mean you have lots of apps putting banner ads on a flashlight app. Why would I click on that? I'm using the flashlight app for a purpose, I'm not looking to download an app. So there's things like that.

Want to learn more about how your app could get high quality low CPIs like Plato, ping us an email to [email protected]

If you guys want to watch the full interview, check out the video below :

Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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