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How to Market with Influencers on TikTok

There are a number of ways in which you can promote your brand on TikTok, all with their own pros and cons.

A cross between Carpool Karaoke and the defunct Vine, TikTok is taking the social media space by storm. It is one of the fastest growing apps and is increasingly becoming the natural entertainment spot of the Generation Z. We at Fanbytes think everyone should be jumping on this train and exploit the emerging market before it becomes over-saturated. It might seem daunting to use the TikTok channel to increase traction and brand awareness, perhaps you think it is just a fad? But TikTok is here to stay and going to make waves in social media marketing as it allows one to tap into both video and voice mediums for your brand. As we progress into the podcast-oriented audio media era, being able to combine branded audio with meme-ified and millennial focused video is super interesting. In this guide, we examine the pros and cons of promoting your brand on TikTok in comparison to the more readily accepted platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Branded Pages & Content

One way in which you can promote your brand on TikTok is to create your own branded account, and post related content.

Through this, you can take part in popular TikTok trends such as popular challenges, as well as creating your own original content. Branded pages can also be verified by TikTok to give them some extra clout.

An example of this is BBC's The Greatest Dancer profile, which can be seen in the video. The videos on the profile fit organically into the native style of content that can be seen on TikTok, rather than directly trying to convert users.

Pros: Organic, Fits into the native TikTok format.

Cons: Difficult to create a CTA, no swipe up function

Influencers and Challenges

TikTok is host to a large community of influencers who are consistently creating new and super engaging content.

What's more, many of TikTok's influencers are just starting out their influencer career- meaning that many of them are likely to be keen to take advantage of brand partnerships.  

Branded influencer content can be extremely engaging and organic. Branded influencer content uses familiar faces to create brand engagement amongst an audience that is already warmed up.

Influencers will often take the brand objective, and create branded content in their own style.

Another way in which to use influencers is to create your own branded challenge, and pay influencers to take part in it. This method is likely to create a large amount of organic traction, as their followers will be keen to take part too.

However, influencers cannot put swipe up links in their posts.

Pros: Organic, posts follow the native format of TikTok posts. Influencers' audiences are already warmed up to them, so they are likely to react positively to their branded posts.

Cons: Inability to include a swipe up link.


2 of our TikTok influencers, Steven McKell and Charsworld, were challenged to create 3 ad creatives for 3 ad pitches in 3 minutes:

1) A new burger

2) New trainers

3) A song release

Watch the video below to see what they came up with!


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