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How We Created The #1 Snapchat Lens!

Brand engagement is one of the hardest things to master. There is a tendency to think that the louder you are, the more people take notice. That if you put a big banner with your name in front of the crowd, they'll look you up. But most of the time, the less is more approach is what actually creates a bond between you and the end users. In this article, I'm going to tell you all about how we created and distributed a lens, and how you can actually use the principles behind that to also amplify your brand and win on any social platform in 2019.


We became the number one Snapchat Lens in the whole world. How? Glad you asked. Here is a bit of context around this. For those who don't know what Snapchat lenses are, they're these 3D-like animations, which you can create and put on your face or just create a whole new augmented reality world. It recently came about that anyone—technically anyone—with the skill can then build these AR lenses. This lens I am talking about was for a particular customer of ours called Plato. Plato is a social gaming app, and they have a game in their app called Werewolf. Werewolf is basically a game where you're chased by—you've guessed it!—a werewolf, and you also have to find out their identity. We created this really cool immersive world, where you are in this cabin in the woods, hearing the raindrops falling. It was like creaking sounds, there was a wolf howling. There were all these elements that created an eerie atmosphere. It was quite terifying. Basically, the way it worked was, you were in this dark cabin, and tapping on the screen would make a chest open, showing Plato's brand logo. Then suddenly, a werewolf stares at you through the window from outside, with thunder and lightning in the background.


We created this full world and then distributed it through our influencers. I'll be guiding you through the principles that were used behind it, in order to make it take off and become the number one trending lens on the whole of Snapchat. Our immersive experience also got a ridiculous amount of shares and scans. When I say ridiculous...I mean RIDICULOUS! Over 2.5-million-views ridiculous and almost- 200,000-scans ridiculous. The number one reason why it got that was because it enabled everyone who saw the lens to become their own broadcaster. What do I mean by that? We live in a world right now, especially in advertising, where we're constantly being bombarded by things. And with everyone's profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc. anyone now has the opportunity to become almost like stars of their own TV show. And so, when people are creating content on Instagram for their profiles or on Snapchat or on Facebook or on Twitter, what they're always saying is that this is a TV show that I'm trying to give out to everyone. This is the content I'm giving out into the world. And when you watch my content, it tells you a bit about me. And the brands who really win are the brands who don't try to shove their own TV shows into someone else's narrative, i.e. talking about themselves the whole time. Rather, the ones who win are those who position themselves to enable their end users to actually create the best TV shows possible for themselves. When we actually took that lens, and we distributed through our influencers, the reason why it saw like 189,000 scans and over 60,000 shares was because people could now take it, and they could fiddle around with it in their own way, in a way which seemed natural, in a way which enabled them to create the best possible stories on Snapchat.


One interesting thing about this lens was that only after pressing on the chest, would you see the Plato logo. So it was only at that actual point that you would find out it was a branding by Plato. It was not in your face - it was so subtle and unexpected. And because of that, you would go online to search for Plato. Suddenly, you start getting emotionally engaged with the actual brand. That's the reason why it won. It enabled everyone to become the best broadcaster. And my wish for all brands and all marketers is to start thinking about—or rather, stop thinking about people as datasets. To some degree, stop thinking about them as just individual people. Because on social media, these guys are just trying to create the best TV shows possible, and the onus is on you to position your brand to enable them to do that. Brand engagement is best created through an emotional response—and what better way to do that than by bringing entertainment value through your product? The moment you think less about what you want to sell and more about what would excite your customers, that's when you start winning. And sometimes, the best brand visibility happens when it's hidden in a chest.

Alexandra Fechete


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