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How we helped OEVO get 8x cheaper CPIs than Snapchat Ads

We recently wrapped up a campaign with app 'OEVO', an app that promises cash prizes to the best performing 7-second videos on the platform.

The campaign resonated so well with our audience that it ended up generating a $0.50 CPI which was 8x cheaper than the $4 CPI they were getting from other channels including Snapchat Ads

We spoke to the founder, Mohammad Mukati on his experience of working with Fanbytes, which you can check out below.

How did you hear about Fanbytes?

I searched Google for the best Snapchat solution and saw you guys. The idea of using social influencers and Snapchat accounts to promote the app sounded amazing so we decided to try it out.

What other acquisition methods did you use and how did they go?

Well many, and trust me when I say many. We tried every way possible before this, and it just didnt make sense to us financially. We were getting results because OEVO is an amazing app but our CPI (Cost Per Install) was extremely high. Every day our goal was to get that CPI as low as possible and it wouldn't budge after a certain point. I remember when we started with Facebook we were seeing $8-9 per install; with all our efforts and targeting we got it down to $3-4. We tried Snapchat ads and were able to achieve $3-4 aswell. At that point, we made our budget and goals to accommodate that CPI. But that was not good enough at all.

What do you think helped you get the results in Fanbytes?

I think one of the biggest advantages Fanbytes had with this campaign, is that it used the features and the content we had in the app to make a very, very attractive Snapchat content. Just that ad alone was spectacular, and then when our pilot run happened we were seriously in shock. It was really remarkable the results we were seeing. I remember when we were skeptical at first on how the ad would perform because this was new territory for us and I'm so glad we took that chance with Fanbytes.

The targeting and accounts Fanbytes used, helped us to grow to another level with results that are 10-15 times cheaper than Facebook at ¢0.30-0.40 an install.

What specifically did you like most about working with Fanbytes?

I really want to say everything but I don't want to sound too cliché. Honestly, the entire experience from the first contact to the delivery of our ads to the results; everything was great. The staff is amazing and loved seeing the stats, and because the ads worked so well, just watching the installs and impressions pour through was so so exciting for out team. We worked really hard in making the OEVO app and Fanbytes really gave us that push we needed. I am so glad we found you guys and can't wait to keep working with you guys for more OEVO ads.

If you want to learn more about how your app can generate similar results & see some of the creative used in this, ping us an email to [email protected]

Timothy Armoo


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