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How We Spread Positivity To 700k Gen Z'ers With DescribeMe

We live in a generation where social media presence largely influences how one is perceived.

Us at Fanbytes recognised this strive for perfection often leads to self esteem and mental health issues. In an average class of 30 young people, 3 will have a mental health problem. That's 1 in 10.

To combat this shocking stat, we created 'DescribeMe', a site which our team built over a weekend.

It was a simple concept.

All it did was ask you to describe your friends in 3 words and for them to do the same back for you. We figured that by doing this, people can get some kind comments and brighten up someone's day.

Utilising our relatively large platform, we pushed this out through our audience of millions of people on Snapchat and encouraged people to participate.

Within a few minutes 400 people started using it. People began sharing on Twitter with the hashtag 'describeme', whilst linking out to their custom 'describeme' page.

In the first 5 days, we accumulated 700,000 page views, 37,000 users and 290,000 responses overall.

But most importantly, we started to get messages like the picture below, which was the most rewarding response of all.


Check out the Metro's coverage of the 'DescribeMe' launch here.

If you want to discuss how to make your mark in the Generation Z world, join our secret Facebook group here.

Lillian Chan

Creative Strategist

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