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[Interview] How to Drive Downloads with Snapchat Influencers

For years SEO, SEM, social ads and display ads have dominated the internet marketing world. But recent studies and statistics show that many of these ads may not be reaching a large proportion of their intended audience...

Over the years social media has built an entire digital world of consumerism, content creation and engagement, so it's only natural for smart marketers to flock to the internet to advertise their products and services. However, the world of online advertising is changing: 47% of customers are now reported to be using ad-blocking software, and only 14% of people remember the last ad they saw online. It's no surprise, therefore, that 75% of marketers have allocated a budget to influencer marketing.

What's the Hype About?

49% of people rely on influencer recommendations. The simple trust bond between a follower and an influencer dramatically boosts conversions – something difficult to achieve with a simple social/search engine ad. Check out the interview and find out if influencer marketing is for you!

CPIs Less than $1

Honing in on the fastest growing marketing channel, Fanbytes has developed an award-winning platform to help marketers carry out influencer marketing campaigns on Snapchat. Having driven CPIs of under $1 for numerous apps, the CEO, Timothy Armoo, was interviewed by Appmasters' Steve Young to find out exactly how it's done.

Check out the interview below for a complete crash course on driving downloads and super low CPIs using Snapchat Influencers. Discover secret strategies such as the sandwich ad format, which can be applied to any influencer campaign to dramatically reduce CPIs. Find out why gameplay could be the what's harming your engagement. And learn how Timothy built a marketing funnel that resulted in $30,000 in revenue.

Take me to the interview!

In the interview, Timothy shares his insights and experience from working with numerous app companies – find out what he has to say:

"If you're an app and you want to target young people, one of the best ways you can do that is..."
"What typically happens with ads on Snapchat is they..."
"They were getting $4 CPIs and then came and used our network and were getting..."

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