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Is Snapchat Paving The Future For Social?

We caught up with Bianca, Global Head of Social at Deezer, to get insider expertise on all things social, including moves the big players like Facebook and Amazon are making in an effort to grow alongside emerging trends, as well as how Deezer have managed to stay ahead of the social media game with Fanbytes.

We decided to ask Bianca what trends she has noticed emerging recently and where she saw social media evolving to within the next 3-5 years. This is what she had to say about it:

You may have heard us say this before: the future of social is to be an enabler. Instead of being distributors of content, you'd ideally want your users to create their own bespoke stories through something you have provided as a brand.

Snapchat as a platform has many opportunities to create these experiences with your audiences, through interactive lenses, filters and AR. These are some of the ways brands can use Snapchat:

Advertising on Snapchat does not equal Snap Ads. Tapping into other methods, such as building up your own Snap audience, allows you greater creative freedom on the platform, minus the restrictive regulations of Snapchat's native Ads platform. No paid spend necessary.

This is what Bianca had to say about it:

After wrapping up our first campaign with them, the Deezer team came back to us with shock at the amount we managed to outperform traditional Snap ads.

Bianca comments on Deezer's campaign results for Snap Ads VS Fanbytes here:

The landscape of social media is ever-changing and shifting - the best mindset a marketer can have is the flexibility to adapt and try new methods. The reasoning behind this is explained by Bianca here:

To find out whether Fanbytes can replicate this success for your brand, ping us an email: [email protected].

Lillian Chan

Creative Strategist

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