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Meet the Influencers: Kieran Brown, the Rising Football Superstar

Kieran Brown is really good at football. Really, really good. Whether he's taking bin shots from the top of a building, or exchanging the ball with Ronaldinho (you read that right), you can always expect something amazing from him. All of these crazy tricks and adventures are well-documented on his YouTube channel (which previously went by the very appropriate name 'footballskills98'), and they're bolstered by sleek editing and bright soundtracks. All of this has drawn in an audience of over 300k subscribers, and a total view count of over 23 million.

Over a recent call with the rising YouTube star, we chatted about some of the highlights of his online career so far.

When did you start making YouTube videos?

I think it was like back in 2012 when I started my channel. I didn’t start making videos until 2013 I’d say.

What made you want to start making them?

I think it was mainly these things called Nike adverts, the Joga Bonita videos; they had players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and that was probably what inspired me.

What has been the coolest experience you’ve had thanks to YouTube?

Freestyling with Ronaldinho, 100%. There was also playing a game at Wembley and going to the Champions League final. Three for the price of one.

What was your favourite video to make yourself?

Probably the backyard slip and slide match. Probably because we set the cameras up and we were just playing a game. It didn’t feel like we were recording; we were just having fun.

Who have been your favourite people to work with?

It would probably be Andrew Henderson, Simon/ Miniminter, Daniel Cutting; think we got some nice videos as well. Also John Farnworth.

You do some pretty insane tricks in your videos. How many takes do you usually have to film to get them right?

A freestyle trick, depending on the trick, doesn't really take that long. As long as you practice and get it consistent. A trick shot is a lot harder to get consistent. Probably about 10% of the time a bin shot will go in.

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