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#RevoltSexualAssault: Why millennials are choosing Snap to change the world with their social campaigns

Big up to Bristol Uni maths graduate, Hannah Price who is currently leading a campaign against Sexual Assault. In the process, inspiring other students to speak out anonymously about their own assault stories, and fight the hush hush culture. The aim? Policy change in universities, encouraging healthy conversations about the issue and eradicating sexual assault overall.

The campaign is incredible and we’re right behind them as #RevoltSexualAssault gets the message out through multiple social media platforms. One social media platform that is right in the thick of the campaign is Snapchat though (wise choice). These brave girls tell their stories through Snap, using the multiple video feature, as its easy and natural for us all nowadays to just turn on the Snap camera and film away.

Snap is the ideal platform for this type of campaign, being the primary social media for tons of Generation Z, girls and guys alike will view these inspiring videos, both those that can relate and those being educated on the issues.

The campaign also cleverly uses another Snap feature: emoji face tracking. It’s hard staying anonymous on video, but this allows these girls to talk fearlessly. As their face will be constantly covered by a chosen emoji sticker that follows their face throughout the video. This small part of Snap allows anybody to create their own anonymous videos from their own bedroom, expanding the movement even further.
Increased use of geotagging and tagging based on an event, allows anyone to get in on the action. Solidarity is important when it comes to bravely relaying your message.

For all three of these reasons we think the campaign will be ace. With Snap constantly rolling out all of these features that focus on interconnectedness, it’s definitely time to consider using all of these to their max. If they can help a campaign like this flourish, think what they can do advertising. Big things. Embrace the links, the geotagging, the stickers - just like we’re embracing Hannah’s campaign! #RevoltSexualAssault

Lucy Wood

Content Lead

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