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Snpachat Separates Social From Media

The promised update that aims to make the app "less confusing" and more familiar for its users and more importantly new users looking to jump onto the finally here.

There are three big things that are coming out with this update :

  1. New Discover Page : the content from Snapchat Publishers will now be separate from the stories of your friends
  2. New Friends Page : the Snaps and Chats from your friends will now be on a separate page
  3. Ranking : the order in which you view Stories from your Friends as well as the content on the Discover page will be ranked algorithmically to provide the most relevant content to you

The update will roll out to a small percentage of users later this week and it will be more widely available in the coming weeks.

So the app will be laid out as below :


The app still opens to the camera.

To the left you have the Friend's page.

To the right, the Discover page.

Snapchat Publishers who up to now were used to their content appearing next to the user's friends, might see a significant drop in views now that their content is separated away in the Discover page.

Snapchat said it would release unspecified new tools to help creators profit from their work on the platform. Eager to see what those tools are!

The Discover page will look more like a feed from Facebook and Instagram, which you can scroll through endlessly. The type of content you can expect to see is as follows :

  • Publisher Stories from print and media publishers like MSNBC, The Economist and so on
  • Curated Stories from the Snapchat Community such as breaking news, big moments in culture and so on
  • Official Stories stories from individuals such as actors, athletes, politicians and so on
  • Popular Stories created for public consumption by users that have large audiences. These stories will only appear for non-subscribers if they pass Snap's moderation review
  • Snap Map Tiles which will showcase compelling content from the Map submitted by Snapchatters around the globe.

The order in which you see the content in the Discover Page algorithmic based on your past viewing behaviour, your subscriptions and so on.

Here's a video about how you can expect the new Discover Page to look and how you can interact with it :

Embedded iFrame

Also here's a first-look of what the new Friend's Page will look like and how you can consume the Stories that you friends upload :

Embedded iFrame

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Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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