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Speaking to Gen Z: How Memes Can Increase Engagement for Your Brand

You have a great app, but your advertising isn't getting you the results it deserves.

The sad reality is that having a great app isn't enough. You need to advertise it effectively. But what's more effective? A stylish, beautiful ad that doesn't quite hit the mark with your audience, or a less good-looking ad that your audience engage with?

Our statistics show that it's almost always the latter. It doesn't have to be a binary, but more often the ads that feel polished and finessed are actually more quickly to be identified as ads by the audience, and therefore less likely to result in conversions.

If you want to reach out to an audience, you need to speak their language. One of the best ways to do this when it comes to Gen Z is by harnessing the power of memes.

Memes are the language of social media. Gen Z share memes with their friends, and go online for this kind of communication. So it makes perfect sense that in order to combat ad fatigue and really engage with them, we need to speak their language.

It may not be the most stylish of strategies, but it works.

We've found this to be true in our own ad campaigns. By using platform-native pre-roll, incorporating a meme at the beginning of an ad, we increased engagement by 50%. Here are some example of the kind of meme-heavy content we use to drive increased engagement:


By harnessing a viral trend, you can immediately grab your audience's attention, and speak to them on a level that resonates with them.

Of course, riding on the success of a meme is not without its pitfalls. A meme that's oudated or used incorrectly - that is, in a way that suggests the creator doesn't get the joke behind it - can lead to a misfire, and make the ad, and the brand, appear inauthentic. You should still proceed with caution.

Take the time to understand why your audience are on Snapchat - what they find funny there, what they like watching - and incorporate this style into your own content. No one likes to feel that their platform has become swamped with ads. Unless, of course, that ad is something you want to watch regardless.

Charlotte Gifford


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