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The 10 Commandments of Getting Bloggers to Review Your App

There are plenty of bloggers, vloggers, and journalists out there reviewing and recommending apps. The question is how to get them talking about yours.

The impact of using app reviews shouldn’t be underestimated. Having someone rave about your app online can be a great way to create a buzz and drive installs. However, there are also huge numbers of app developers getting in touch with these writers, so how do you stand out from the crowd, and actually get reviews?

We’ve created a foolproof guide to getting your app reviewed.

1. Plan.

Compile a list of blog, vlogs, and other digital publications which report on apps with a similar target audience to yours, and then reach out to them.

2. Pitch.

You need to buy them into the idea that this would be a really exciting app for them to review. If you haven’t already done so, find a way to summarise your app in a sentence or two that will make anyone keen to try it out.

3. Personalise your emails.

This sounds time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Subtle things like addressing each blogger by their name, complementing their work, and explaining why your app would appeal to their audience in particular can make a real difference.

4. Find your angle.

Is there a personal story at the heart of your app? Or is your app somehow keeping up with trends in the industry? Whatever it is, find your angle and use it in your pitch.

5. Do some of the work for them.

If you can provide material for the blog, like screenshots and a video trailer for your app, a blogger may be more inclined to feature you.

6. Create a press kit.

Journalists and reviewers will often ask you for a press release, so it makes sense to have this prepared. This will include a headline, a description of your app, links to your app, and any other marketing materials. It will also make you look a lot more professional. For more advice on how to write a press release, check out this WikiHow article.

7. Persevere.

Of course you should try the app review sites (like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice), but remember that high-profile blogs and sites get a lot of messages like yours, so don’t be too disappointed if they don’t feature you. It’s a bit of a numbers game. Try to reach out to lots of bloggers, big and small.

8. Build relationships.

People are much more likely to recommend your app if you know them personally. Keep getting in touch with people and attending events to build up a network of contacts.

9. Create rewards.

Incentivise reviewers by providing them with free access to premium features, and by providing their audience with some kind of unique in-app feature, or discount code, or referral scheme specific to that publication.

10. Rinse and repeat.

Consider repeating this process whenever you roll out major updates, asking for reviews or promotion of the latest version.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to enticing reviewers and getting your app noticed.

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