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The “Microwave Challenge” Turns TikTokers Into Smooth Operators

I'm spinning around

Move outta my way

I know you're feeling me

'Cause you like it like this

What? Did no one get this reference? Come on, guys, it’s…*checks date*…only 19 years old. Moving on though, indeed, this new challenge has taken TikTok by storm. What’s so masterful about it is that it seems so simple in its execution. I mean, sliding and spinning on the floor does sound easy enough, right? Well, that depends if you want to look like a Magikarp frantically flapping on the ground or if you want to be as gracious as a Bolshoi Theatre ballerina.  


People are having a lot of fun with this one, timing it to the song Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji, so that the ‘ding’ sound within the song marks the start of your spin, as if you were a bowl of noodles getting warmed up on a spinning plate. But the smooth spinning part is what makes this easier in theory than in practice. I can almost bet that everybody trying it had put their hand down at least once for support. Needless to say, slippery surfaces work the best, while carpets might give you an unwelcoming itch in an even more unwelcoming place. So you can try it, but just don’t get…burned.    

These have been some of our favourite challenges:


Rhia took the elegance to the next step, actually dressing up as a ballerina, with the dress matching the floor too. She needs some serious bonus points there for the color pallet. And of course, her spin is fluid enough to make it look as if she’s one of those music box figurines.


Anna does a great job masking her technique, while still maintaining the illusion of being a human topspin. And there is no better proof of your success than people asking you how you do it.


And Reggie, just like he says, puts a ‘spin’ to this challenge. I liked his creativity and the fact that he’s having fun with it, while still following the principle of spinning seamlessly without support. Although I’d be a bit worried if my food would spin that fast in the microwave, but we’ll let it…slide.


But wait! Just how new is this trend? I mean, if it wasn’t new, you wouldn’t call it a trend. But we have to give credit when credit is due. Jungkook and J-hope, of the world-famous K-pop band BTS, had a helping hand in popularizing the microwave move, with a video posted two years ago, where they seem to have been pros at this challenge before it was cool:


And, well, some trends need time to pick up, but the fact that BTS are trendsetters is undeniable. So next time you see a challenge go viral, they were probably already mastering it before anyone else.

Now excuse me while I try this challenge for the 54364th time.

Alexandra Fechete


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