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This picture is from a recent campaign one of our customers did

16.1% click through rate to a competition.

58,000 people taking screenshots of the competition prize.

I showed this to a marketer friend of mine and he decided the campaign wasn't successful because "it didn't reach millions".

I just lol'd.

"You’re not paying attention to what is valuable" I said.

In the advertising industry, we’ve become so enamoured by reach & “impressions” that we’ve forgotten what drives real value.

You can always buy reach, that’s easy. Just pay Facebook more money.

If you play the reach game, it’s a race to the bottom to who can offer eyeballs for the cheapest amount.

Reach is a commodity.

Influence isn't.

Getting people to take action can’t be bought.

It must be earned.

This is what matters. Getting people to take action.

To download your apps.

To enter your competitions.

To buy your products.

I hope in 2018, as an industry we stop playing the numbers game.

Because it's a dying one.

Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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