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"Where should we go for dinner tonight? - Hold on, let me check Snapchat."

Snapchat just announced Context Cards (I think they could have come up with a cooler name by the way...) and it does what it says on the title.

When you go to Snap Maps now, not only will you be able to see that your friends are eating out in Soho, but now you can see more information about the restaurant that they're in.

For example, you can check out what's on the menu, book a table, grab an Uber and join your friends...and you don't have to leave the Snapchat app to do that!


Think about it though, if you can find out the the location, opening times and how to get to the restaurant, why would you ever use Google Maps??

Why would you ever use Opentable when you can book a table from Snapchat??

Why would you need Yelp?

So far when it comes to how customers interact with businesses, it's mainly been through written reviews. Context Cards has the potential to change all of that through the inclusion of photos and videos.


Restaurants now don't have to worry about the one tough reviewer from the New York Times that can either put them on the map or ruin their business - right now EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER can be that reviewer.

A lot of businesses that jumped on Yelp and Tripadvisor early benefited greatly, those who didn't have their second chance now through Snapchat Context Cards!

In any case, all of this depends on how well users adopt this new feature so it all remains to be seen, however I personally am quite keen to play around with this new feature as soon as they roll out in the UK.

Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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