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Why Snapchat Spectacles Will Be A Game-Changer for Brands

Brands that are effectively using Snapchat to boost their digital presence, deepen consumer loyalty and advertise their products, do so by creating authentic, engaging and personal content.

The introduction of Spectacles will allow brands to significantly amplify these three valuable features.

Spectacles allow the wearer to record first-person videos and upload them instantly to their Snapchat story. Because they are hands-free, users will be able to create much more varied and engaging content.

Simply put, users can show their audience exactly what they see with their own eyes. In other words, Spectacles offer Snapchatters an unprecedented look into how people see and experience reality, and the importance of this for brands cannot be overstated.

1. Natural, non-intrusive recording

Instead of having to hold your phone up to record videos, which is often unsubtle and intrusive, Spectacles allow for a more seamless process of capturing videos.

Being able to record Snaps without interrupting people you’re filming while also being able to immerse yourself in the environment (you have two free hands!), allows users to create super natural and authentic content.

Compare this to the usual way of recording videos on Snapchat, removing yourself from your environment by taking out your phone.

Spectacles will be particularly useful for recording at live events and behind-the-scenes footage, where brands want to create content as natural and authentic as possible.

The hands-free, non-intrusive aspect of Spectacles will be a game-changer for this. It will also be great for creating ‘unboxing’ videos of new products. The excitement of opening a product and the first look can be conveyed using Spectacles and this will be highly effective in generating buzz ahead of new releases.

2. Circular video

Videos recorded by Spectacles have a 115 degree field of view, which allows viewers to rotate their phones while viewing the video, mimicking the changing perspective of the eye.

This significantly improves the user experience and creates even more immersive and engaging content.

It will also lead to viewers replaying Spectacle videos frequently to check out the different perspectives and play around with them. This playful and immersive feature will maximize the level of viewer engagement.

A football club can make the most of this by using Spectacles to give a glimpse into the tunnel before the match, or inside the dressing room, where a tilt of the screen shows a different perspective. This is a very powerful tool to engage fans and deepen their connection to the team and its players.

3. Raw advertising

Millennials and Gen Z are bored of meticulously scripted, flawless and photoshopped ads. We are drawn to realness and authenticity. Like John Legend, we welcome imperfections.

With Spectacles there will certainly be many of these. They provide an opportunity for brands to market their products in unedited and first-person footage. This will foster respect and brand loyalty between consumers and businesses.

For example, instead of Nike producing a fancy and highly edited advert showcasing Cristiano Ronaldo in their latest boots, they should give him Spectacles and upload to their Story a string of clips of him shooting and dribbling in them.

First-person footage of Ronaldo playing football? This would hardly even feel like an advert – people would want to watch such fun and authentic content.

In summary, if authenticity and relevance are the key words to advertising to millennials and Gen Z, then it is clear Snapchat’s new Spectacles are going to play a major role for brands seeking to connect to this market.

Reuben Lewis

Head of Special Projects

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