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Worst Types of Ads on Snapchat

Did you guys know that the world's first ever TV ad sucked pretty hard?!

The ad consists of a couple of image above and some sound, no video, no movement, nothing. The reason for that is that TV was a pretty new form of communication in the '50s, and whenever new things spring up everyone is at first confused by them.

Same thing happened and is happening with social media and although quite a few people are getting the hang of how to advertise properly on mediums like Facebook, Twitter and so on...Snapchat remains a mystery to most advertisers.

There are two types of horrible ads that I notice on Snapchat on a constant basis and also skip on a constant basis.

Still Image Ad


Similar to the world's first TV ad, the still image makes a return.

The advantage of this ad is that it's easy to make and thus a sign of a lazy advertiser.

The huge drawback is that it's boring. There's no sound, no movement. How is that supposed to catch my attention?

The people using this platform are young, they skip through snaps at the speed of light and these are their FRIEND'S snaps!!

If they are going to stick around and consume YOUR content, you have to make the ad more exciting than that.

Repurposed Ad


This is an ad by Call of Duty and you can see very clearly that it's repurposed from a trailer that they put on Youtube because the image is cropped awkwardly and you can only see 38% of the guy.

Because all the content on Snapchat is viewed through a smartphone screen, horizontal video(which is most video) looks horrible and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Advertisers need to bear in mind how their ads are being consumed, what's the context?

On Snapchat someone sees your ad amidst their friends' stories which is vertical video. If you do not blend in, you interrupt the user's flow as they cycle through the stories. Interruption leads to being getting skipped!

So that's it. We'll back with more with tips on how to make the best ads for Snap 😉

Miri Qylafi

Partnerships Executive

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