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Engage with Generation Z in the most engaging ways on the planet.

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Why should you be on snapchat?

They own the mind of Generation Z and are the fastest growing social media platform for people under the age of 21.

The Problem

80% of users under 25 skip Snapchat Ads.


Because they are intrusive and interruptive causing users to skip the ad.

A generation brought up hating ads require a new form of engagement with them which doesn't rely on interruption but rather on a more native, immersive format.


We help brands engage with Generation Z through content and audiences they care about.

Fanbytes Ad Network

Distribute your ads through the most engaged influencers on the planet using our unique Sandwich Ad format which guarentees authenticity, engagement and drives customer action.

Fanbytes Creative

Create compelling branded content stories on Snapchat seen by millions on Snapchat.

Our ad format

1. Pre-roll

Introduce the brand in an engaging way.

2. Ad

Branded video ad then plays - you get to approve this content before it plays.

3. Post-roll

Show your reaction to having seen the ad, directing people to check out the Snapcode.

4. Snapcode

Custom Snapcode takes people to the website or app being promoted.

What the press say about fanbytes

“They are worth every penny.”

“Nobody understands Snapchat like these guys.”

“The Millennials redefining how brands market to millennials”

“Fanbytes own the mind of Generation Z.”

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